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Bay Path 



Bay Path College 

FOUNDED IN 1 8 9 i 

Educating Tomorrow's Leaders 

"The journey is the reward." Taoist saying 

As Bay Path students during one of the most exciting times in history, you are just beginning a new journey 
in your life, in a new century, and in a new millennium. You are indeed fortunate to be at the portal of an 
era full of anticipation and hope for what we can become, and what we can change. Your education at Bay 
Path has prepared you for this moment with real world skills in leadership, communication, and technology. 
When you look back and reflect on where you were at the dawn of a new century, you will remember Bay 
Path College and how the many professors, mentors, and friends have opened the door for you to achieve 
great things. 

We are entering an age where technology will have a greater influence in our lives than ever before. The 
explosive growth of the web, meteoric rise of e-commerce, and the increasingly-sophisticated network of 
communication tools have changed the way we conduct our daily business and how personal relationships 
are managed. You must be able to adapt quickly and change willingly. The knowledge and experience you 
have gained at Bay Path will give you the confidence and ability to balance this wave of technology, and 
also to keep the human side in perspective. Technology is pushing our global neighborhoods closer and 
closer, yet remember that the human spirit thrives on the kindness of a simple act or the helping hand of a 

It is this celebration of the human spirit that Bay Path has encouraged. Your participation in clubs, 
activities and community events has left a legacy of goodwill for others to enhance. You have learned the 
strength we have as women, and the value of being part of an effort that not only brings you together with 
other people, but makes everyone's life richer. That is what community is all about ...that is why human 
spirit is so important. 

For those of you who will graduate in 2000, you are now entrusted with the Bay Path legacy, built by the 
many women who have come before you. All of you are now ambassadors for Bay Path College, aiming 
for your goals and dreams. At reunion time, reconnect with Bay Path. Contribute to the college efforts to 
offer a quality education to the many women of the future, and preserve our rich history and traditions. 

Above all, cherish your memories of Bay Path College, and nurture the friendships you have made during 
your student years, both inside and outside the campus community. They are your lifelines and support for 
all times, and help to define who you are ~ a Bay Path graduate. On behalf of everyone in the Bay Path 
community, I would like to offer best wishes to each and every one of you, and may you find true happiness 
in all you wish to do. 



"Carol A. Leary 



T ^w 


Bay Path College 

18 9 7-1997 
A Legacy of Leadership 

Portico Dedication for 2000 
"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

During our four years at Bay Path College, we the class of 2000, have been helped to develop to our fullest 
potential in many ways and by many people; some through classroom lectures with outstanding professors, 
others by means of informal meetings and activities with faculty and staff, and still others through our 
participation in extracurricular events. 

Throughout our Bay Path experience there has been one common thread which has been woven into nearly 
every one of our Bay Path events and experiences. It has had a profound influence in helping us to develop 
into educated women and leaders. This thread has been the ever present participation, encouragement and 
friendship of an extraordinary husband and wife team, President Carol A. Leary and Mr. Noel R. Leary. 
President Leary was there on opening day in 1996 giving us and our parents information about all the 
exciting experiences which were in store for us at Bay Path. We accepted that some of what she was 
telling us would come true. Little did we realize what memorable opportunities would be available to us 
over the next four years. We were amazed at the extent to which the president and her husband were 
involved in the student activities and the warm relationships and friendships which we as students would 
enjoy with the Learys. Aside from calling us by our first names and always stopping to ask how things 
were going, the Learys were there to play volleyball with us on campus days, entertain us for dinners and 
luncheons in Empsall Hall, invite us to special programs, come to our dinners and activities in the residence 
halls, banquets, student concerts, theater productions, and invite us to help decorate their home at holiday 
time. President Leary enlisted our opinions and suggestions on every aspect of our college experiences, and 
supportedthose changes which gave us additional opportunities to learn and practice personal leadership 

As a result of her personal commitment to the mission statement of the college, President Leary also makes 
it possible for students to meet and talk with many famous women leaders such as Dr. Mae Jemison, the 
first African-American woman astronaut, radio and television correspondent Cokie Roberts, Olympic Gold 
Medal winner Jackie Joyner-Kersee, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and former 
governor of Texas Ann Richards. Some students also had the good fortune to meet such sports legends as 
Jennifer Rizzotti, Larry Bird, and Ahmed Rashad. 

Some of us had the pleasure of traveling with the Learys on the Capitals of the World tours to Rome, 
Athens, London, Paris and Madrid. These were memorable experiences which have enriched our lives and 
broadened our horizons. 

Above all, the Learys are beloved and respected for their gentle manner and positive impact upon the entire 
Bay Path community. They have set an example of leadership and commitment that will inspire us in all 
our future endeavors. 

In tribute to our outstanding president and her supportive and wonderful husband, we the Class of 2000 
lovingly dedicate this edition of the Portico to Bay Path's first couple, Dr. Carol and Mr. Noel Leary. 




Mr. Noel Lea 

ry o 

President Carol Leary... 


Portico Editors-In-Chief: From Left to Right: Arin L. Langan & Katherine A. Hoskins 

Portico Staff: From Left to Right: Emily Hinckley, Cindy Mercer, Sabrina 
Metivier. In absentia: Megan Iannitelli. 

Bay Path College 

18 9 7-1997 

A Legacy of Leadership 


"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by> And that has made 

all the difference. " 

The past three years have been a wonderful experience for us with the Portico; 
however the 2000 edition was the toughest to complete, as it will be our last. Because we 
will no longer be a part of the Portico we are particularly proud of the 2000 edition. 

We have strived to show all aspects of Bay Path's history as a women's college. 
As we travel to the 21 st century our hope was for the community at Bay Path to remember 
the past, either through quotes, stories, or old photographs. 

The Portico experienced many ups and downs this year, but as always we all arose 
to the challenge with hard work and perseverance. We would like to thank our staff, who 
should be as proud of this book as we are. A very special thank you is given to Nancy 
Murphy and Matthew Fenn for all of their guidance, endless patience, and understanding, 
we will never forget you. We would also like to thank Vice President Hobin, and Dean 
Marcia Conrad for their support. We want all of the administration, faculty and staff 
members, along with all of the students to realize that this book belongs to you, as it is a 
part of your legacy at Bay Path College. We hope you all enjoy it, and we thank you for 
helping in its production. 

The Portico has given us many memories to cherish in the future. We will miss the 
Portico, and everyone who has helped us in our endeavors. We wish you all luck in the 

{Catherine A. Hoskins & Arin L. Langan 
Portico Editors in Chief 

588 Longmeadow Street • Longmeadow, Massachusetts 01106 • Telephone (413) 567-0621 • Fax (413) 567-9324 

1 944 - 1 9SO 



1945 Bay Path moved 
to Longmeadow 


1945 Bay Path was 
renamed Bay Path 
Secretarial School 

1949 Bay Path 

became a Junior 


1944 Thomas Carr 

purchased Bay Path 



it's a Matter 
of Time 

Bay Path was purchased in 1944; 
however, it became an all women's J 
college in 1945. Empsall Hall became 

the girls' dormitory, a place Mollie 

Jean Carr hoped would make the girls 

feel "at home away from their own 1 

homes." The name "Portico" was 

given to the Bay Path yearbook to 

signify its strength, character, and 

righteousness. The changes that took 

place during this period were radical 

at the time, and yet they helped shape 

Bay Path into what it has become in 

the present day. 

1947 George Empsall, 

a trustee presented 

Bay Path with it's 

first dormitory 




The past four years have come 

and gone in what feels like only a 

couple of months. Coming here 

as a freshmen it seemed like it 

would take an eternity to make it 

through to graduation. Now that 

graduation is looming upon us it 

seems sad that our time here 

didn't last an eternity. During 

our time at Bay Path, we have 

had the ability to make friends 

from all walks of life. Some 

friends have come and gone and 

yet others will be a part of our 

lives forever. No matter where 

we are headed in life we will 

always have our fond memories 

made from our college 


Carle Munterich 
Class of 2000 


Well folks its that time. 
Its been very real. 2 my 
girls 4 life-Jenny C 
(yenny) TQM; 
Makebes-there is noone 
like u; Mariu-un besito 
para ti; Nads-u can be 
always; Tika-friends in 
the lord 4ever; Dean 
Conrad- vou'll always 
have a special place in 
my heart; Lika, JenK, 
AmyE, RaquelL-I'll 
neyer 4get u guys- 
Class of 2000 rules; My 
sincere gratitude 2 my 
family, friends & all 
those who stood 
behind me. 2 all my 
Bay Path friends whose 
names are too many 2 
mention, you're all in 
my heart. JLZ-I didn't 
4get u. Arty Rob, thanx 
4 all the advice-you're 
a special person. 2 the 
Lord above, thanx 4 
taking me through. 

Yasmine S. Antoine 

Hamden, CT 

Legal Studies 



Amanda Bailey 

Higganum, CT 
Occupational Therapy 

"Never let the 
odds keep you 
from pursuing 
what you 
know in your 
heart you were 
meant to do/' 
From Life's 
Little Instruc- 
tion Book by 
H. Jackson 


Jessica Barone 

Enfield, CT 

Liberal Studies 

Been there done 
that you might 
say. However 
the learning 
process is never 
really over, as we 
grow older. And 
when we pass on 
what we know to 
others we grow 
along with them. 
College has been 
a great experi- 
ence. I'll remem- 
ber to "Seize the 

To Mom and Dad, I 

love u very much and 

thank-u for everything 

u have done 4 me; ur 

the kindest, most 

loving parents a 

daughter could ever 

have! LT, don't 4get 

the pile of yellow 

snow, boat, skiing, 

90mph and visor 

i comes down, Arizona. 

JM, remember I have 

tranquilizers whenever 

u need them, the 

anxiety of OT program, 

the tears and the 

laughter, the men, 

which one? CB, KM, I 

love you both and 

thank-u 4 letting me 

vent + 4 the support. 

NL what to get 4 an 

elevator ride? MB, 

DDR thanx for the 

talks. To all be positive 

+ follow your dreams! 

Carolyn J. Botti 

Manchester, CT 
Occupational Therapy 


["he best 4 vrs ot my 
life have flown by so 
quickly. KeUy-urock- 
cause u can! Remember 
bowling, Monday 
afternoons, agonizing 
memos, milk, Taylor 
Rental, wooden chairs, 
rupa, the dress, the 
ring, &: lots of laughs. 
Best wishes 4 u & 
Dave. Mom & Granny, 
& Granpa, I luv u all so 
much, u've made mv 
life so happy & 
wonderful. 2my 
Friendly' s, Disney, 
Canada, Beanies, mall, 
fr. onion soup, sun- 
daes, &salads, Atkins 
Farms, Umass, "you're 
so cute!", fannies, 
Nintendo, AOL, & of 
course Bones! May 25, 
1998-237 I luv u. Thanx 
BPC 4 the best times & 
memories I'll ever 
have. CARPE DIEM! 

Keli Chapman 

Westfield, MA 
Legal Studies 

Robin Clark 

Broad Brook, CT 

Occupational Therapy 

"But every road is 
rough to me that has 
no friend to cheer it." 
Thanks a million to my 
family and friends for 
their love & support 
and to BPC for the 
rewarding education 
and fond memories 
(1997-2000). JTG- 
thanks for being you 
and my motivator! Best 
of luck to my favorite 
roomie DK in your last 
year. AF- my partner in 
crime. Goodx with DK, 
NC, AF, AE, LD, RL, 
JK, HZ, JM, LT ( Greece 
98); good luck to my 
RA buds (NA, TH, 
YA); 1W/1S girls 
thanks! Good luck to 
all the OT students... 
the best is yet to come! 
To President Leary, Mr. 
Leary (Greek fruit), 
and my professors, 
thanks for making my 
dreams come true. 



Lynn Coalson 

Chicopee, MA 
Occupational Therapy 

I would like to thank 
Dad, Mom, and Patrick 
for all their love and 
support. Dad this ones 
for you!! I have 
established some 
wonderful friendships 
in the OT program, 
especially to Pam, 
Leila, Michelle, Robin, 
Amber, and Nicole 
thanks to you all for 
your listening ear, 
shoulder to cry and 
support. I could not 
have made it without 
you guys. To MMP, for 
pushing us to our 
limits and proving we 
could do it, thank-you. 
There are two ways of 
meeting difficulties in 
life. You alter the 
difficulties or you alter 
yourself to meet them. 

"To be nobody but 

yourself in a world 

that's doing its best to 

make you somebody 

else, is to fight the 

hardest battle youare 

ever going to fight. 

Never stop righting." 

E.E. Cummings) To all 

my friends that have 

illowed me to be who I 

am, thank you. It's 

been a long 4 years, 

and a lot of people 

thought that I'd never 

make it. There are a 

few that have stood by 

me, pushing me to 

succeed, telling me I 

could do it. Without 

your help I wouldn't 

be where I am today. 

Never lose sight of 

your goals. Thanks for 

the good times. 

Shannon M. Cooley 

West Springfield, MA 
Criminal justice 


Angel, Crys, 

Amanda, Yuri, 

Noriko, Kate 

you have made 

mv four years 

at Bay Path 

memorable to 

say the least. 

Thanks to 

Mom and Dad, 

Pam and John 

for sticking by 

me and letting 

me know I can 

achieve any 


Suzanne Crocker 

Maynard, MA 

Nicole Cusumano 

Port Jefferson Station, NY 
Occupational Therapy 

Thanks to the fam: 
Mom, Dad, Anthony, 
Grandma, Grandpa, 
Nana, Papa, and the 
Yankees... I couldn't 
have done it without 
you. Thanks to the 
friends: Dean, Dvali, 
AmyE, Rachel, Jen, 
Tom, Avril, BBG, 
Brenda, Robin, Amber 
Liz, Kell, Jaimee, 
Caitlin...U guys are all 
chillin. Thanks to the 
OT program and all th 
people that supported 
its success. Inside 
jokes: Een, wrist hurts, 
auto PC, cryptic snub, 
Chicopee Agawam? T( 
all that graduate in the 
1st year of the new 
millennium: What a 
way to walk into Y2K. 
Good luck. Hats off 



Elizabeth Cyrankowski 

Westfield, MA 
Psychology/ Early Childhood Education 

Thanx2 my fam, & my 
parents, w/o their luv, 
babysitting, this wuldn't 
have been possible! 2 
grandma I no ur a phone 
call away&will always b 
there 4 me,u mean the 
wrld 2 me! 

2Rhonda&Tressa, u've 
kept me in line-thanx 4 
the good times! I hope we 
have more2come. 2my 
Jennie, thanx 4 always 
being there thru 
thick&thin, I've hit sum 
rough spots&u've been 
there, ur truly my best 
frnd! 2 Smitty, thanx 4 the 
gr8 times&the smiles. ■& 2 
my Christopher, thanku 4 
giving me the strength 2 
no I'm doing the right 
thing & understanding 
that "Mommy has school 
tonite!" Ur the reason 4 all 
this! I luv everyl of u w/ 
all my heart! My frnds & 
fam have been a huge 
inspiration&source of 
encorgmnt 4 me&my son. 
I appreciate everything. 

JM (Sis) Mariah U on 

fire, Every bar in 

i greater Springfield VIP 

hottubs (pics?), 

shopping sprees, 

sponsors, mashed 

potatoes, buffets. "Hi 

officer-nice cruiser... 

Coffee? "A bottle of 

red (or white) We're 

hot babes, b-days 

everyday, do you 

know who our dad is? 

I'm from Cali (your 

local bronzed goddess) 

Luv Liz, SC-TEXAS! JB 

my pet. Kathy-bff. AE 

bench sessions. 


4EVA!! Summer of 99:- 

) last call. M & D thanx 

for $. Gram u know. I 

don't know what I 

want, but I won't be 

happy till I get it! 

Christin M. Deremian 

West Brookfield, MA 

Criminal Justice 


So long Bav Path. It has 

been a long road, it is 

now tune for the next 

hurdle in life, O 

Class ot 2000, thanks 

tot being supportive. 1 

could not have asked 

tor hotter classmates 

Mom, knit. Krystie, 

1 hanks tot putting up 

with my crankiness. 

DAD thanks for 


1 ove va a' 

Chris 1 can't wait to 

spend the rest of my 

life with you 1 10-28-00) 

you are the BEST! Kim 

and Crisla I am glad 

we became friends, 

stay in touch forever. 


Shelby Driscoll 

Windsor, CT 
Occupational Therapy 

Audrey Drohan 

Northboro, MA 
Occupational Therapy 


In my life I have come 
to realize life throws us 
many challenges. 
When your heart is set 
on accomplishing a 
goal-follow it & never 
give up. Special thank- b 
you Mom & Dad for 
your love & support, I 
couldn't have done it 
without you. Love to 
my family in CT & 
Nana, thank-you. My 
dear friends DD, ML, 
LG who stood by me: 
love and thanks. LF 
(Billy) for providing 
housing and friend- 
ship. NL where do I 
begin? Thanks & love 
you both. RW you 
complete me, I love 
you. OT class of 2000, 
love & wish you best 
luck! Goodbye COTA 
hello OTR! Forever 



Tabitha Dudek 

Enfield, CT 

Mom & Dad, thanks 4 
all your support during 
these past 4 years and 
especially during my 
year at GWA. You are 
truly the "Wind 
Beneath My Wings" I 
love you. To the rest of 
my family: thanks 4 all 
your love, support and 
encouraging words. 
Mishi thanks 4 every- 
thing, the laughs, the 
good times, and the 
memories you are a 
wonderful friend. 
Holly thanks 4 all your 
help you are a really 
sweet person and don't 
ever change. John, 
thanks 4 all your 
support. To my CT 
Rainbow buds. Always 
remember that With 
Faith, Love will 

To my mentors @ BPC: 
Thank you 4 many 
opportunities, your 
guidance & support, 
they mean the world 2 
me! To my circle of 
friends: we've reached 
the end of the challeng- 
ing road, which we've 
been traveling together 
for the past 4 years. 
Each one of us is very 
special & I treasure you 
all. Cherish our 
friendship and make it 
1st 4ever. You made my 
years at BP so precious. 
We enter the 21st 
century w/ unforget- 
table experiences, 
countless memories & 
valuable education. 
Bay Path has paved the 
way 4 us to seize the 
day in the new 
millennium. I'll miss 
you all. "Friends 
though absent are still 

Lika Dvali 

Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia 


We re Outta Here! 1 D 

Ik. RL. NC, BP we've 

had the best ol tunes 

together, Civic Pub, 

Coffee Boston dinners, 

shopping laughing all 

the talks... fhese 4 

years ha\ e sure taught 

me a lot. There are so 

many memories and 

people 1 m forgetting 

to say! Thanks for 

alwaj s being there for 

me. May all of your 

dreams come true, 1 

love \ on all! To lerry 

no distance will ever 

keep us apart, I love 

you! 1 1-13-93. To my 

family, thank you for 

your support. I 

appreciate it more than 

you know. I promise to 

make you proud. I love 


Amy L. Erickson 

Wilbraham MA 

Criminal Justice 

Lisa J. Foresti 

Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy 

Thanks to Mom, 
Louise, Michelle, 
Audrey & Nicole for 
the love, friendship 
and support to keep 
on keeping on. I 
especially want to 
thank Tom for all his 
knowledge, wisdom, 
and faith in me. 
Audrey, I'll never 
forget "Groundhog 
Day"... seemed like 
the journey would 
never end. Remem- 
ber, it's never too late 
to follow your 



Amber Fosty 

Pittsfield, MA 

Occupational Therapy 

Mom & Dad-thanks for 
the money err I mean 
all your love and 
support. James-thanks 
for putting up with me 
when I was at wits end. 
Amy-that's my phone 
number, what's a yup? 
Kate-mittens, walks to 
CVS, are you going to 
the bonfire? Liz-circles 
in downtown Spring- 
field. Lisa-next year 
you will have your 
mini-me. Pauline-keep 
off the spiders at 
Riverside. Kara-gossip 
and boy stories, we are 
fated for them. BP 
Family-quick dinner 
before work. Make 
sure you all come visit 
me. I'll leave a window 
on for you. 

Kelly Galarneau 

Chicopee, MA 



1st of all 1 want 2 say 

thank U 2 niv family 4 

helping me get 2 where 

1 am 2daj 1 would 

especially like 2 thank 

my mom who has beer 

my inspiration and 

backbone throughout 

im life, and my 

brother who some how 

put up \v mo all these 

years. 1 would also like 

2 thank all my friends- 

especially KT, Ren, 

Hannah & 1- I don't 

know what 1 would've 

done w/o U guvs. 

We've had a lot of 

good times, and there 

R many more 2 come. I 

can't wait 2 C what the 

future holds. 

Amanda Giroux 

West Springfield, MA 
Criminal Justice 

Kristen Gondek 

Oxford, MA 
Liberal Studies 

Amanda Gosselin 

Barkhamsted, CT 

Well our days at Bay 
Path are ending. I 
would like to thank all 
of my friends that 
stuck by me through 
thick and thin. Mom 
and Dad thank you for 
everything and I love 
you. Nicholas I'm so 
proud of you! MA- 
RINES "Semper Fi", 
11:13? Pam's Kitchen, 
RPI, Hot Lips, Drill 
Weekends, the swell, 
parties at Chris's 
house, our crazy drives 
at 1:00 am, Tilly's, 
France, meeting at 4:20, 
New Year's Eve, are we 
lost yet? nope found 
our way! Well these 
times have been great 
and I hope that their is 
more to come! I Love 
you guys! 

4 years gone. Mom & 

Ronnie - thanks for 

always caring and 

being there for me. I 

love you! Amy, Kel, & 

Kate - Thank you for 

being such great 

friends and KIT. Amy - 

Good luck with Scott & 

remember it's YOUR 

day. Pauline & Lisa - 

shopping again?, MTG 

at 1:30 am, thanks for 

the fun and laughs, 

good luck and KIT. The 

Rozzen's - huge thanks 

and appreciation for 

putting up w/ me and 

welcoming me into 

your home.. Last but 

not least, Rob - 1 love 

you with all my heart 

and I'll always be here 

right beside you. 

Elizabeth A. Gray 

New Salem, MA 
Psychology jEarly Childhood Education 


Well its almost over. Its 

been .1 great couple oi 

\ ears 1 hanks for .ill 

the great memories 

Paris Halloween 

dances, tish song 

P \CS to name a Few, 

Thanks to e\ ei\ one 

that has made it 

special C M SM CD, 

\P KB Ml and all 

the girls past and 

present, that has made 

lite great here. Special 

thanks to mom, <.\,\d 

and the rest of the 

tanulv, including brick. 

tor making this 


Love J. 

Janna Hankie 

Nassau, NY 

Katherine Alyce Hoskins 

Dexter, ME 
Criminal Justice & Psychology 

"Pooh/' asked Piglet. 
"Yes," answered Pooh. 
"Oh nothing," said Pigkl 
"I just wanted to be sure 
of you." I want 2 thank 
my fam & frnds 4 alwys 
being there & supporting 
me. M&D I luv u very 
much! Dad thanx 4 ur 
wrds of wisdom, $, 
understanding even whe: 
u didn't, 4 not coming 2 
get me my 1st night, & 
giving me rm 2 change. 
Arin u changed my life, 
thru good & bad u stayed 
by my side & u made me 
want 2 be a better person 
I can't thank u enuff. 
Kristen, thanx 4 the 
fishies. U have a good 
heart & an amazing spin; 
my wish 4 u is all the best 
& all the happiness in lid 
My friends u've taught 
me what true strength & 
true friendship is all 
about. Near or Far u'll 
always be in my heart, 1 
could never 4get u. "Live 
well Laugh often Love 
much." I couldn't have 
done this alone, Thank-u 



to the OT class of 
2000!!!!!! I would 
like to thank my 
family, friends, 
and Craig for 
helping get 
through the hard 
times and the 
good times. 
Craig, I love you 
and the year will 
be a great one we 
can't forget. Best 
of luck to the 
class of 2000 in 
your future 

Amy Jeglinski 

Acushnet, MA 
Occupational Therapy 

Finally the end is now 

and a new beginning 

awaits me. There are so 

many people to thank 

for helping me through 

this wonderful journey 

you all know who you 

are. I could never 

forget you if I tried. 

You are the people that 

I hold dearest to my 

heart. Thank you. Last 

but not least, thanks 

Mom for your support. 

Aunt Althea you are 

the best! Vaughan you 

are one in a million 

who else would put up 

with me. 

Love always, 


Petrina Johnson 

Lynn, MA 

Business Administration 


rhese past four j ears 
have boon experimen- 
tal strange and lull of 
surprises. 1 can only 
hope that the friends 1 
have' here at Bay 
Path will last a lifetime. 
I want to say thanx to 
my roommate of tour 
\ ears Frania. I wanna 

^a\ whatS up to Manu, 

Esther, fenny, Nadine, 

\ asmine, Tamika, 

Deborah, and Amy E. 

Hello to 1st East 

Freshman year-Twisty 

Bread Parties. Thank 

you to my family and 

Keith for their support. 

1 want to thank God for 

allowing me to be here. 

Makebah Kelly 

Newton, MA 
Criminal Justice 

Mom & Dad, are you 
shocked? I made it! I 
couldn't have done it 
without you. I love you 
both. Thanks for every- 
thing! Kev- where do I 
begin... you've been there 
to help me through so 
much! Thank you so 
much for never letting me 
give up even when I 
wanted to quit. I love you 
and can't wait till the Big 
Day! Trust me the worst 
part is finally over! We 
made it this far. Aimee- 
thanks for having faith in 
me to succeed in life! I did 
it! To the girls- AG, CW, 
TT- 1 can't believe we 
made it! Never forget all 
the sh** we went through 
to get here. AG- Don't 
worry I will always be 
there for you no matter 
where I end up. Always 
keep in touch! Love ya 


Melissa Knorr 

Thomaston, CT 



Carrie Kraftchick 

West Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy 

Well, this is it! Thank 
you to all of my 
professors and class- 
mates who helped me 
along the way. Mom, 
Dad, Grampy, Gree, 
Randy, and Auntie 
Donna thank you for 
always supporting me 
and keeping me from 
going insane. Kerri, 
you truly are the best 
friend a girl could ever 
have. Thanks for 
listening during all of 
my late night phone 
calls. Todd, you are my 
heart. You have taught 
me to let go and have 
fun. That is the best 
lesson I could have 
ever learned. I love 

I'll never forget all us 

girls have shared, all 

that BP has given me, 

Mom /Dad for the 

chance. Amy UR my 

sunshine, Lika Pari' /It. 

Men, Nicole Auto PC, 

Raquel wonder 

Woman/fish, Yas 

PHMan, Ang we're still 

here! Thanx Tom. HZ, 

LM, Bren, JE never 

forget U. "It takes a 

second to say bye but a 

lifetime to forget" 

Mom, Dad, Pat I love U 

all I'd be nowhere w/o 

U UR the Wind 

Beneath My Wings. 

Luv u2 Backlunds, it Is 

A Small World After 

All. "You never really 

leave a place you love, 

part of it you take with 

you, leaving a part of 

you behind". 

Jennifer Kubala 

Longmendow, MA 
Business/ Human Resources 


io my girls Ann 1 ika 

|en Nicole Brenda 

t leidi Mariu Robin 

Diane V ou \ e made 

m\ years at BP< 

beautiful. Our memo 

ries: Civic pub jello at 

fens Starbucks fanet 

Limos autopc all those 

foes and \ntonios. 

Special thanks to all 

BPC Faculty and staff! 

There's nothing like the 

Admission^ crew-^i ou 

guys are the best! 

Brenda (..111 see von 

on TV! Luv and Hugs 

to Mom Nick Dad 

Karen Tasha Mvrna 

fessie Kevin Mandi for 

all your support. Sean 

my love, the sun will 

always shine with you 

bv my side. 

Raquel Labrie 

Southhampton, MA 

Nicole LaBonte 

Ellington, CT 
Occupational Therapy 

M&D- thank you for all 
of your love, support 
and guidance - withoul 
it I would have never 
followed my dreams. 
Tom - 1 love you with 
all of my heart. Flipper, 
Lisa, Carolyn & Jess 
luv you guys and keep 
in touch. Stac & Mark- 
move home soon! To 
the OT class of 2000 
to persevere and follow 
your dreams. DR. S, 
MMP, Ms. B- thank 
you for all of your 
knowledge and 


Lynn Lombard 

Chicopee, MA 



I would like to thank 
my mom and my sister 
Kim for sticking by my 
side through out all of 
my college years. I 
would like to thank my 
son Zachary and my 
daughter Destiny for 
giving me the motiva- 
tion to continue on 
with school and 
achieve a higher 
education. I would like 
to thank my dad & 
Ingrid for all of their 
help these past years. I 
would like to thank 
Jusy and Barb of 
Holyoke Street School 
for inspiring and 
believing in me all of 
these years. ( 2 more 
degrees to go: MA & 
Doc). Thank you all, I 
Love You! 

Thank you Dad and 

Diane, Mom and Tom, 

for whose love and 

support has made this 

day possible. My love 

r to my siblings Melanie, 

Allison, Melissa, Kelly, 

Michelle, and Tabitha. 

You made college 

bearable. Melissa 

thanks for helping me 

through my fears and 

doubts over you know 

who. Finally to my 

boyfriend Ketsana: you 

n j, came into my life when 

I needed someone the 

most. I love you and 

look forward to a 

bright and happy 

future with you. 

Natasha Madore 

East Windsor, CT 


Who's the more I 
foolish, the fool or the I 

tool who follows him 1 fU —. 

- Obi Wan Kenobi. j 

Michelle ma belle | 

thanx 4 listening when 

I needed U. UR 

awesome. Remember 

sea foam green with 

ruffles & a big floppy 

hat. UR my best friend. 

Mom & Pad- 1 love U. 

1 hanx -1 everything. 

Kelly- \\ hats a issue 1 

( rys- We'll always 

have Paris. Amy- I'll 

always be your anti- 

\ ou know who. When 

are we going to Filenes 

basement 1 Thanx 4 

being there. Kel, Amv, 

Miehellev- Are we the 

tools or the followers? 

Ill miss you guys. 

Keep in touch. 

Katherine Marcinkowski 

Saugerties, NY 
Liberal Studies 

Kimberly Mirer 

Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy 

First and foremost, I 
would like to thank fo) 
husband and daughta 
for all their love and 
support. I would also 
like to express a specie 
thank-you to my 
parents and in-laws p 
all the love & support 
that they have pro- 
vided. I appreciate tht 
understanding and 
consideration that my 
sisters and close 
friends have demon- 
strated throughout the 
past four years. I am 
grateful for all the 
wonderful friends that 
I have made during nr 
years at Bay Path. To 
Shelby and Crisla- all I 
have to say is Fabo 


Jessica Montemagni 

Chicopee, MA 

Occupational Therapy 

2 my family thanx 4 all 
the support throughout 
the years I couldn't 
have done it without 
U. CD-Liz wspd, spd, 
lpd, & our near death 
in WS, being single, 
our family, our house, 
sticker picture, late 
night calls, all- Ameri- 
can, guys, bouncers, 
sponsors, b-days, bottle 
nights love Mariah, JC 
Polly's, our many talks, 
language, miss U thanx 
4 being a true friend. 
CB- leather skin and 
turkey cooking lessons, 
T don't think that I 
don't know what U 
look like. JB- ur 
birthday, bananas in 
pajamas, pimp mobile. 
2 everyone else good 
luck. Most of all thank 
U Dad 4 standing by 
me and watching me 
grow into the person I 
am today. 

ist Thank you Mom and 

an) Dad for all your love 

and support. 

an Kymberly, my sister, I 

] wish you the best- I 

sjk love you! Best of luck 

■ to all the friends I have 

m made at BPC, HS, LP, 

pp SS, HS, SK, AG, AA, 

r0 . MW, and the rest that I 

| f might have missed. I 

nd hope you reach all 

,t r your goals and dreams. 

Heidi thank-you. I 

10I would have been lost 

^without you! Michael, I 

am finally done. 

e Thank-you for being 

there for me. I love 

„, you! Thank you BPC 

for all the great 

,,i memories I had a great 

, ; time. Watch out real 

world here I come... 

Heather Moran 

Belchertown, MA 


l can t belie\ e thai my 

time at BP( is ( oming 

to an end. rhanks 

Mom .v 1 )ad for 

making it possible, to 

I isa >s; l leather 1 miss 

\ ou! [anna- thanks for 

the great times, the 

quad Pres. walk, 

cheese whiz, bedtime 

talks .Amanda- m\ ex 

roommie love va! 

Colleen- my twin, 

moon buddy, & BF, 

can t wait till \ on're 

mv \KM 1. Sabrina- so 

cute & sweet! Kerri- 

weird coincidence 

huh? Love all my 

follow 1'ACS members. 

1 lope everyone comes 

to visit me! Jim- thanks 

for vour love and 

support, can't wait till 

the summer. 

Ransolina Nicholson 

Brooklyn, NY 
Business Administration 

Thanx to my aunt 4 !i 
support. Liz u r the 
greatest, Beatrice 
nothing comes cheap 
"P" how did we 
manage to stay friertc 
through it all? Lynn 
thanx 4 lending your 
ear, its a blonde thim 
Labor Day weekend 
we have each other. 
Dewi "we don't die" 
Justin thanx for the 
wake up calls, u r a 
sweetheart. Rob, you 
are one of a kind I Le 
You. Juliette dreams c 
come true. To my BR 
friends, there has nevi 
been a dull moment 
Friday nights TJ's. 
"TC" thanx for takinf 
me on one of a lifetin 
dream trip. Aida keep 
up the good job. 




1 ^^S^H 


fft% ^^fll 

C ' ■ ^ 








Tressa Oliver 

Ellington, CT 


Many thanks to 
all my peers who 
helped me along 
during these 
difficult years. 
Most of all I 
would like to 
thank my be- 
loved husband. 
This journey 
would not have 
been possible if it 
had not been for 
his support, love, 
and understand- 

Thank you to all my 
friends and family for 
supporting me all my 
life. There is not a day 
that passes that I don't 
thank God for each and 
everyone of you. Mom, 
Dad, Brittany, Preston, 
Grady, Stone & Delani, 
Nana & Bumpa, you 
have been my inspira- 
tion. Thank you David 
for all your love 
dancing, and laughter. 
I love you guys so 
much. To my Bay Path 
gals; Liz C, Jen B, 
Shannon, Rhonda, 
Wendy, & Melissa. ..We 
did it! Best of luck to 
all of you! 



, , iS 


gfif 1 




_ Jf|1 „!*■»- \j 

, met 


■ ! i 



v *' 1 


Michelle Norris 

Agawam, MA 
Occupational Therapy 


Mom and Dad: Thank 

\ ou for all oi \ our love 

and support (and 

money)! 1 lo\ e j ou 

both! Nadja and 

Kiernan: I'll miss oui 

gossiping sessions! 

Kat} We U always h,n 

[une 1 Ith! Mr. Norton 

and Mi. Page: You / 

both have taught me so 

much. 01 course 1 think 

more was learned 

hanging around the 

office. Maria: i ou're 

the best' Remember I'll 

always be around. 

Maybe I'll even help 

with the set. Promise 

me that you will adopt 

the chicken next vear. I 

Love you all and I'll 

miss you. Thank you 

tor the best four years 

of mv life! 

Jessica Rose Osowski 

Westfield, MA 
Liberal Studies/ Business 

Wendy Perreault 

Easthampton, MA 
Psychology/ Gerontology 

Dan, you should get an 
honorary degree from 
BPC for enduring the 
past 3 years. Without 
you I would never 
have made it. Thank 
you Mom and Dad for 
your guidance, for 
letting my individual- 
ity show, and for 
always telling me I had 
it in me. I love you all. 
A famous person once 
said, "The key is to 
realize that life is 
temporary and 
spending life question 
ing life is a waste of 


Lisa Phillips 

Ware, MA 
Criminal Justice 

To my family: thanx 
for your support and 
all your love. You have 
been the greatest 
inspiration in my life. I 
will be forever grateful 
to u becuz you gave 
me this opportunity to 
better myself: I luv u. 
Shanna, you have been 
there for me thru 
everything and I can't 
thank you enough. You 
have shown me the 
true meaning of 
friendship and you will 
always be my hero I 
love you. Lee the last 
five years have been 
the best time of my life 
and I can't wait to 
spend the rest of my 
life with you. U are 
truly the love of my 
life, I love you. 

It's been a long, 
tough road and to 
uthink it's only just 
" begun. Thanks to 
Mom, Dad, Scott, 
and Dharmesh 
for all your sup- 
port! I Love You! 
To all my friends 
and family I 
couldn't have 
made it this far 
without you. 
Good bye BPC- 
on to bigger and 
better things! 


is to 



Karen Pollack 

Winsted, CT 


Thank God 4 his grace 

;et me thru these i 

\ i- rhanx 2 all my 

family 4 their luv & 

support. Colleen DAH! 

1 be wit u okaj ' 

Monifah 1 issa-Chi 

Chi s swearing in front 

oi ui mother Keli 

never doing home 

work, Rupa. ring 

shopping Mimi ( u. I 

can!, cool, yeah, A|- 

class ot his own Celine 

Dion tics, country- 

yuck! David- my love, 

my lite. 1 can't thank u 

enough. I mean 

everything 2 me. 1 

thank God 4 bringng n 

into m\ lite. The past 4 

\rs. have been perfect. 

1 look forward 2 

spending the rest of my 

life vv/u. U're my best 

friend, my angel from 

heaven. I'm everything 

1 am cuz u love me! I 

love u! 

Kelly Quinn 

Somers, CT 
Legal Studies 

Pamela Rickabaugh 

Chicopee, MA 

Occupational Therapy 

I want to thank 
everyone for their low 
and support. W/o yoi; 
I could not have donu 
it. Thanks M & D, Mf 
LC, and LS for having 
a listening ear, a clear 
head and a shoulder l 
cry on, Sasha for your 
throughout this 
craziness, MMP for 
stretching me beyond 
my limits, Prof. Burns 
and Dr. Coyne for 
teaching me about 
things I didn't know 
the importance of. 
They said it couldn't t 
done! The harder you 
go, the more the 
endorphins kick in- 
hit the ground run- 


Crisla Rulewicz 

Bristol, CT 

Occupational Therapy 

The learning experi- 
ence has been long and 
interesting. Soon the 
future will be at hand. 
Thkful to have met so 
many new professors 
and supportive 
classmates. Good luck 
to the class of 2000! 
Mom and Peter, thx for 
everything, I love you 
both. Mom you are the 
BEST! Gram, thx for 
putting me through OT 
school. I could not 
have done it w/out 
you. I love you! Mom I 
could not have 
afforded everything 
else w/out you- thx! 
Shelby & Kim, I am so 
glad we became 
friends! Keep in touch 
always Sassypants!. 

Thank you mom 
and dad for all 
your support and 
confidence that 
you have given 
me. Nit- my one 
and only sister, 
now it is your 
turn. Michael, 
thanks for being 
so understand- 
ing. Tabitha- 
thanks for being 
there for me. You 
are a great friend. 
To the rest of my 
bud's thanks for 
the endless sup- 

Michelle Scafuri 

Southwick, MA 
Business Administration 


1 am not afraid 
oi storms, for 1 
am learning to 

sail my ship" 

Louisa May 

AJcott. Thank 

\ ou to everyone 

thai supported 

nu' along the 

way. PSR, MN, 

IX, and the first 

graduating OT | 


respect you more 

than you know. 

I'll never forget 

you MMP! Thank 

your tor all you r 

support and 


Leila Wilder Shlosser 

Longmeadow, MA 
Occupational Therapy 

Ginger Silva 

Springfield, MA 

I would like to thank 
everyone for their 
support througout mi t 
experience at Bay Patl j 
College. Most of all I 
would like to thank n 
parents. My father for 
all the motivation, lov 
and assurance he give fi 
My mother who 
always gives me 
sustenance, love and i 
encouragement. My 
sister, Cynnamon and 
her husband, Steven 
who are always there 
to listen and guide n* 
My niece, Autumn for 
giving me a sound 
mind and comfort. U 
best friend, Jay for a I 
his support and 
understanding. To all 
my friends and famiti 
thank you! 


Frania Simchak 

Blandford, MA 


Thank you so much 
to my parents, Ma I 
miss you a lot. Dad, 
and Taco Dave I love 
you. Mary and Jason, 
I could not have 
done it without you. 
Makebah, what will I 
do without a room- 
mate like you? 
Yasmine, Mariu, 
Jenny- I'll miss you 
all. Gram, Uncle 
Sonny, and the rest 
of my family- you're 
the best. Jenny, 
Sarah, Stef, twins, 
and everyone else- 
thanks for your 
friendship. Good bye 


"Life is how we win, 

how we lose, how 

we live or die, but 

above all- how we 

choose." To all those 

who've touched my 

life, be it family, 

friends or mentors- 

you've guided & 

taught me thru the 

years. From your 

lessons the greatest 

11 earned was strength, 

success, life & love. 

Now I will walk my 

own path & let 

nothing stand in my 

way as I pursue my 

dreams. Thank-you- 

I love you all! 


Crystal Small 

Dexter, ME 
Criminal Justice 


1 w ould like to 

thank C iod and 

my angels for 
watching over 

me Thanks 

Mom. Pad. 

Adam, Josh, 

Beck} , Abbv for 

vour love and 

support. To my 

girls lamie, Becki, 

Cathy / and Jess 

thanks for all the 

laughs, tears and 

good times! Love 


Katy Stevenson 

Ellington, CT 

Liberal Studies 

Shanna M. Supczak 

Ware, MA 

Legal Studies 

2 my parents & 
brother, thank u 4 
everything. You have 
stood by me & have 
made me who I am 
today, & words cannot i 
even begin 2 express 
the gratitude I feel 4 
you. I love you so 
much! 2 Lisa & Lee, u 
have been my best 
friends, I love u 4 that. I 
Lisa, u have always 
been there when I 
needed u, thank u 4 
that. You have taught 
me what a best friend 
is, & I thank u 4 being 
mine. Eddie, u are mj 
soul mate, & I cannot 
wait to spend the rest 
of my life w/ u. I love 
u so much, & the best 
thing about being in 
love with u is knowin; 
that u return those 
feelings. Heather, goot 
luck w/ all u do. Keep 
in touch! 


Holly Sweeney 

Enfield, CT 


I would like to thank 
my family for all of 
their love and support 
during the past four 
years, especially, my 
grandma and grandpa 
who taught me the 
value of an education. 
Mom and Dad, thank 
you for giving me this 
wonderful opportu- 
nity. Jesse, your love 
gave me the strength to 
endure. To my friends, 
Heather, Natasha, 
Michelle, and Tabitha 
thanks for all the good 
times and great 
memories. Good luck 
to all of my friends and 
professors at Bay Path 
College! Congratula- 
tions to the Class of 

2 eveiyl & memories I 
missed, "Time it was 
and what a time it 
was.." Jim KC; croco- 
dile hunter, Kings, 
air Getto Superstar, KC & 
g KK; bollum incident, 
KK; A & F models, 
clubbing, KK & MP; 
j martian in MP's pants, 
i MP; random aerobics, 
Thirsty Thursdays, 3 
<man, MP & NA; Umass 
frat houses, MP & KC; 
ulGetto aprtmnt, NA; our 
21stb-day's, the talks, 
ia meeting AIC boys, DC; 
concerts, xmas trees, 
LK; Gnomes, sunsets, 
the stars, MG; flagpole 
>n in the sand, everyl; did 
u touch it, hilly; U no 
be the camper back there, 
-it's a hotel, MoM; Smile 
on I made it! Thank u! "I 
have a photograph, 
preserve ur memories 
thafsall that is left 2 

Heather Szteliga 

Bernardston, MA 


Dad and Mom 1 finally 
made it 1 ["hanks for 
believing and gi\ ing 
me the chance to fulfill 
my dreams to -ill my 
friends and professors 
thank \ ou I will mis>, 
you! Dais) fele fu Cat 
Meihui Grace, 1 
wouldn't have made it 
without your support. 
Don t forget the times 
w e had. Late night, 
laughter, food, shop- 
ping, photos. Daisy, 
ring a boll? Shawn, still 
going strong? Mama 
and aunts I did it! 
Chris thanks tor your 
love and here's to 
more wars to come wo 
ai ni. 

Joanne Tan 

Geylang Bahru, Singapore 

Psychology /Gerontology 

Michelle Thurston 

West Springfield, MA 
Psychology /Gerontology 


Kristin Tierney 

Feeding Hills, MA 
Occupational Therapy 

Dream what you 
want to dream; go 
where you want to 
go; be what you 
want to be, because 
you have only one 
life and one chance 
to do all the things 
you want to do. 
Good Luck and God 
Bless the Class of 

For all the memories, 

guidance, friendship, 

and unforgettable 

experiences of a 

lifetime, I would like to 

thank my FAMILY, 

FRIENDS, and Bay 

Path. The time I spent 

at BPC will never 

escape me. CJ, Jess, 

Dewi, Rans, P, say 

good-bye to Theinert 

and Hello somewhere 

else! Never forget 

Greece (Robin), Spain, 

Montreal, Summer 

1999, Longmeadow 

House, The Harley, 

and CRAZY nights. 

Here's to you here's to 

me the best of friends 

we shall always be. 

Best Wishes to all, 


Lynn Tillotson 

Manchester, CT 
/'m/i hology/Child Studies 


Mom and Dad \ ou \ e 
done so much for me 

can't tit it all on this 
page. Thank you for 
supporting me in so 
many ways throughout 
college. I- vim. watch 
Lng the shows, shop- 
ping, and just hanging 
out moans so much to 
me; thank you for 
being the ultimate 
stress buster! Peter, 
thank you for being my 
1 1 wizard! i ou are 
always ready and 
willing to help me and 
1 appreciate it so much. 
And finally, Ray, thank 
you for your love, 
support and under- 
standing. Now that 
I've finished shcool, 
I'm ready for April 21, 
2001, and forever... 

Maribeth Wansick 

Ware, MA 
Business/Information Technology 

Courtney Whalen 

Salisbury, CT 

Many thanks to my 
family, I could not 
have done it without 
you!! I LOVE YOU! 
Good luck Ashley and 
Christopher! 2 my 
friends; Friends 
Forever w/ many gooc 
times to remember, I | 
love u: CT police, 
bras?, JEEPS, T333, 
Captain, Focus, Tilly's 
anyone?, Where were 
you at 11:13? Bonfire, 
Chicopee parties: 
screen doors?, Atten- 
tion there is a meeting 
at 4:20 in PAM's 
kitchen!, A fire where? 
Paris '99, Cher, All 
Italians are..., Attitude 
is everything, WHAT- 
EVER, It's 3 a.m., I'm 
not a player, DON'T 
me your heart make it 
real or else FORGET 



Nadja Andrasev 

Budapest, Hungary 

Melissa Baj 

Longmeadow, MA 
Legal Studies 

Tammy Bowers 

Ludlow, MA 

Psychology /Criminal Justice 

Christina Brunaccioni 

Greenfield, MA 

Occupational Therapy 


Kiernan Cone 

Haydenville, MA 

Liberal Studies 

Jennifer Franklin 

Framington, CT 


Lakesha Jordan 

Springfield, MA 
Legal Studies 

Cheryl LeMieux 

Springfield, MA 



Amy Mahan 

Beverly, MA 


Jamie Miller 

Somers, CT 

Theresa Mitchell 

Bass Harbor, ME 


Melissa Palmer 

Ware, MA 
Criminal Justice 


Debra Rubba 

Suffield, CT 

Charlene Schultz 

East Granby, CT 

Legal Studies 



Rhonda Setkewich 

Springfield, MA 

Stephanie Silva 

Springfield, MA 

Occupational Therapy 


Crystal Utz 

Putnam, CT 

Legal Studies 

Nicole Wood 

Somers, CT 

Occupational Therapy 

Mary F. Budrow 

Springfield, MA 

Legal Studies 

Wendy Chadwick 

East Hartford, CT 


Rosemary Chiarizio 

Springfield, MA 
Legal Studies 

Donna Dolina 

Wibraham, MA 


Jodi DeForge 

Monson, MA 


Diane Fecinta 

Vernon, CT 


Christine Ford 

Springfield, MA 

Frances Hutchinson 

Longmeadow, MA 
Liberal Studies 

Louisa Gandini 

Springfield, MA 

Jennifer Kratovil 

Feeding Hills, MA 


Tarena Hines 

Springfield, MA 
Legal Studies 

Amy Long 

Longmeadow, MA 


Andrea Luis 

Newington, CT 

Jamie Martell 

New Haven, VT 
Legal Studies 

Erin Murphy 

West Springfield, MA 

Melissa Regini 

Enfield, CT 

Liberal Studies 

Constance Salomone 

Longmeadow, MA 
Liberal Studies 

Lisa Simon 

Enfield, CT 

Liberal Studies 


Jennifer Tilsh - Nardi 

Airawam, MA 
Legal Studies 

Cathleen Timms 

Agawam, MA 

Liberal Studies 


ua-jrjjr^y^xii i ■ ^iftjyjj 


Wffl^ ** 

1 950 - 1 960 


1951 Bay Path girls 

put in charge of the 

town news section of 

the Daily News 


1956 Glenn Hall is 

expanded and an art 

studio is added 


1958 Library expanded 

by book donations from 

Fran Hatch a trustee of 

Bay Path College 


1950 UN secretaries 

come to Bay Path 

junior College 


1957 First Christmas 

dinner held for both 

commuter and 

resident students 


it's a mattef 
of Time 

m SK 


We have come to a crossroad in 

our college career, where some of 

us have chosen to graduate and 

others to continue for another 

two years. We have all been 

through so much together and 

now we go our separate ways. 

We have made strong friendships 

that have lasted for the past two 

years and hopefully for our lives. 

As we go forth we will remember 

our times at Bay Path and create 

many more in the next two years. 

Good luck to those who are 

moving on. 

Colleen Donovan 
Class of 2002 


Thank you to im 
family for all their love, 
support and encour- 
agement. 1 wouldn't be 
here without you. 
Thanks also to Bay 
Path for a memorable 
time l enjoyed it all - 
even the hard work!! 
Finally, thank you - 
friends professors an< 
members ot the B1V 
k ommunity - you 
welcomed me and 
made me teel at home 

Natasha Ali 

Nagpur, India 

Early Childhood Education 

Aimee J. Dupuis 

Chicopee, MA 

Early Childhood Education 

Thank you to 
everyone I have 
met at BPC. If you 
are not aware of it, 
all of you in your 
own ways, have 
made an impact on 
my life. Good Luck 
and I hope to see 
you all again in the 
future. Take my 
words of wisdom 
with you "always 
smile" To my 
Commuter pals 
thanks for the 
memories. Love 


Thank you mom for 
giving me this oppor- 
tunity, I couldn't of 
made it with out you. 
Thanks Jen F for giving 
me the knowledge I 
needed to get by. Luv 
ya Nina, if it wasn't for 
you I don't know what 
I would do, thank you 
for making me a better 
person Angel. Jen, 
don't ever give up, 
keep staying strong 
and you'll find all the 
happiness you deserve. 
To Brett, Kelly, Mindy, 
Dave, Nellie, Jess, Path 
and Joe I wish you 
good luck and happi- 
ness in everything you 
do. Jess Miner you are 
always in my dreams 
and thoughts, I love 
you always. 

Sheila Estell 

Willington, CT 

Occupational Therapy Asst 

I really did it! Thanks 
to God my children my 
friends and to my 
husband. I love you all! 
So many memories are 
special to me. Remem- 
ber " purple and blue 
jeans?" JW, E, and CR, 
Thanks for your 
support. Mom and 
Dad, I did it! God Bless 
all the graduates. 
Lastly, my professors, 
Thank you! 

H r -"■•^psx / iBr^- 1 


By* <-■ tI*-''* sj 

Hfc\ "V," w" ^B 


f J 


Brenda Graveline 

Wales, MA 
Earh/ Childhood Education 


1 w ould like to first ott 
thank my parents for 
all that thev have done 
tor mo most impor- 
tantly letting me attend 
4 \ ears ol college, 1 
love you very much. 
To my beautiful big 
sister Pattie who with 
out her 1 wouldn't be 

here (this tune 1 didn t 

forget you) 1 love you 

very much. Norma, io 

ti voglio fcane tiene. To 

all my friends Corine 

e^pei. iall\ \ ou w ere the 

best roommate. 1 wish 

vou could' ve staved. I 

will miss you dearly 

and hope to be part of 

your future if you 

know what 1 mean. We 

shared some great 

times and thanks for 

the special talks we 

had i Lj. RN, SP, NJ, 

MJ. TG, MG, CG but I 

will be back. 

Nancy Guerrera 

Torrington, CT 

Travel & Hospitality 

Jeannine Julien 

Brooklyn, NY 
Occupational Therapy Asst 

Thank you Mom, 
Sylvia, Ms. Martin, and 
all those who sup- 
ported me through 
rough years. With your 
encouragement and 
belief in my ability to 
prevail I was able to 
survive. TO all my 
friends at BPC: DF, RN, 
much love and 
remember mama 
knows... Nothing can 
stop us now and for 
those who try "SLOW 



Sara Larson 

Castleton, VT 

Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Sariberry. the 
december grad. Nicki 
the roomie of 209. 
toadies & creed 
ohhooray! Night of 240 
cms movies nhotc. 
Piercing tatoos 
tapesties. Yes 
covergirls, spacey's my 
hero, ferrs& dd fred, x 
files game & cap'n, cigs 
I wish these were... 
None w messages. 
What the?! palsinHCC, 
sketchy thistimeits the 
Kleiglights, toronto I 
never wanna leave, 
guy & tamir... Boston 
with my girls/ Poems 
& quotes, art with . in 
glimmes & Lundsay 
bee mamichellemablle. 
ohh the memories... 

Mom & Dad will never 

be able 2 thank U 

enough 4 your luv & 

support. Without U I 

wouldn't be the person 

I am today. 2 my sisters 

Kristy & Anne Marie 

"God made us sisters, 

Hearts made us 

friends". Babci & 

Dziadzi no one could 

ask for more wonderful 

& understanding 

grandparents like U. 

My luv to U all. 

Grandfather, Nanny 

and Cioci thanks for 

watching over me. I 

luv U & miss U! TO all 

my friends at BPC, I 

will never forget the 

good times we've 

shared. I will cherish 

these memories 4ever. 

Best of luck in the 


Amy O'Brien 

Yantic, CT 
Early ( 'hildhood Education 


"Lite is what happens 
to you while your bus) 
making other plans" 
Thanks to everyone 
especially m\ parents 
m\ sisters \nne Mane 
& Ann Babci & 
Dziad/i your inspira- 
tion and support made 
this all possible. Cioci 
and all those gone 
before us, even though 
5 on re not with me, 
you re all close m my 
heart as you look down 
from heaven on me. To 
my friends at AI good 
tunes forever, Stacy 
Rock On! Jen thank 
you for being you. 
Brian more memories 
to share, you are very 
special to me. I Love 
You , appreciate & 
adore you all. 

Kristy O'Brien 

Yantic, CT 

Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Shannon Scalley 

Ellington, CT 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Dad, Mom and Fran- 
Thank you for the 
support, guidance, an I 
understanding me 
through my journey. ! i: 
love you all. I couldn' | 
have done it without . 
supportive family. Bei 
thank you for standin; 
by during the rest of I 
my journey. I love yoi | 
thank you for all the 
good memories. Good,,, 
friends and times wit! 
Amy O. Kristy O, Jen ; ] 
B, Jen G, Lisa R and I 
Meg D. Amy thank y< >■ 
for all the talks, and 
most of all understanc 
ing and forgiving me. 
Thank you everyone 
for the love and 


Mom & Dad thank you 
4 all ur love and 
support. Without u I 
would not have 
followed my dreams. 
Nicole and Keith I love 
u guys and wish you 
both the best in your 
future together. 
Tammy ur a great big 
sis, I love you. Michael 
these last 3 years have 
been wonderful. 
Thanks for being there 
for me. I can't wait to 
spend the rest of our 
lives together. I love 
you now and always! 
Nancy, thank you for 
ur great friendship, I'll 
never 4 get u. Good 
luck in ur future. See 
you at the wedding. I'll 
miss you guys!! NG, LJ, 
RN, NJ, MI, TJ, SP, MG, 

Corine Sinclair 

North Pownal, VT 

Early Childhood Education 

Many thanks to 
Rebecca Mita and 
Lisa Twarog for 
giving me help and 
support these last 
two years. I am so 
lucky to have 
friends like you! A 
very special thank 
you to Marco 
Palmer. Together, 
we can do any- 
thing. Thank you 
for being my best 

Winifred Stenquist 

Amherst, MA 

Mom & Pad - rhank 

you for all oi your help 

and encouragement. 1 

couldri t have come 

this far v\ ithout you 

Andy buddy 1 lo\ e 

ya! Becky, Sarah an 

Natasha - rhanks for 

alwaj s being there for 

me. i on are the best 

friends I could ever 

ask tor. Winnie 

admire you so much 

and wish you all the 

happiness in the world. 

Thanks for the 

McDonald's runs! 

Lisa Twarog 

Chicopee, MA 


Nancy Warren 

Hampden, MA 

Thank you to the three 
most important people 
in my life. My best 
friend, my husband 
John. The past 24 years 
have been the best! My 
son Fred, you'll always 
be "Tootsie" to me, and 
my beautiful daughter 
Heather - I'll miss you 
when you go off to 
school. You have all 
brought me such joy! 
Thanks for the encour- 
agement. Mom and 
Dad and Dad and Ruth 
thanks for believing in 
me. I couldn't have 
done this without all of 


Letia Beverly 

Boston, MA 


Jessica Ennis 

Hartford, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

' 1 

■ ""'- : " ,;.::. : ^ ..J,.;. .:.V.V '-iC^iU^M^^^ :S V. - :: ' 

mk v a 

■ M 

_ HRLiiBf'^ '■-.' 

Stacy Evans 

Southwick, MA 

Erica Fitzgibbon 

Westfield, MA 

Occupational Therapy Asst. 


Taunya Gray 

Merrimac, MA 


Holly H. Kriss 

East Granby, CT 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Valerie Milani 

Brimfield, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Eleanor Miller 

Somers, CT 

Business Administration 


Deborah Rickless 

Longmeadow, MA 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Zelma Hughes 

South Windsor, CT 

Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Pamela Aspinall 

Westfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Araseliz Ayala 

Springfield, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Doreen Durocher 

Springfield, MA 

Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Linda Forni 

Granby, MA 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Pauline Gladstone 

Nashua, NH 


Katie Goyette 

West Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Holly Keller 

Enfield, CT 
Business Administration 

Helen H. Au 

West Hartford, CT 

Business Administration 

Lisa Barber 

Coxsackie, NY 

Sarah Farr 

Southwick, MA 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Teresa Gibson 

Brooklyn, NY 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Sylwia D. Gomolka 

Stafford Springs, CT 
Criminal Justice 

Grethel Hoozky 

Long Island City, NY 
Eiberal Arts 

Megan Landry 

Chicopee, MA 

Legal Asst. 

Mary Beth Lawless 

Enfield, CT 

Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Brandi L. Lefler 

Mansfield, CT 
Early Childhood Education 

Nellie Lozano 

Suffield, CT 
Early Childhood Education 

Susy Santo Martins 

Springfield, MA 

Michelle McCloskey 

Stafford Springs, CT 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Andrea McKay 

Southwick, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Moriah Metras 

Chicopee, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Trisha Munshaw 

Enfield, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

Michele R. O'Toole 

Danbury, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

Carla M. Piccoli 

Enfield, CT 

Travel & Hospitality 

Yuri Mihashi 

Chiba, Japan 

Liberal Arts 

Gail Nadok 

Agawam, CT 

Business Administration 

Crytal Pare 

Windsor, CT 
Business Administration 

Donna Robtoy 

Windsor Locks, CT 
Legal Assistant 

Dawn Modeen 

Windsor Locks, CT 

Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Rebecca Noujaim 

Waterbury, CT 
Business Administration 

Osita Phillips 

Longmeadow, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Sharon Ross 

Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 


Star Saloomey 

East Otis, MA 
Travel & Hospitality 

Mary Jane Szemela 

1 .udlow, MA 

Legal Asst. 

Denise Siska 

Springfield, MA 


Yukiko Takano 

Chiba, Japan 
Early Childhood Education 

Dawn Stoddard 

Enfield, CT 

Business Administration 

Deborah H. Templeton 

Hampden, MA 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Jaime Triompo 

Wethersfield, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

Darlene M. Tyburski 

Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Jennifer A. Unterstein 

Ellington, CT 

Occupational Therapy Asst. 

Leila E. Weiner 

Chicopee, MA 
Legal Asst. 

Margery W. Zajac 

Windsor, CT 

Occupational Therapy Asst. 



1 960 - 1 970 


In L961 Hatch Library 

is purchased, along 

with Elliott House 

which used to be 

Perkins Hall. 



In 1963 the Associ- 
ates Degree was 


Theinert Hall was 

built, and an addition 

to Blake Student 


In 1960 Bollum Hall 
was built, along with 
Blake Student Center. 

it's a mattei 
of Time 

Bollum Hall was built before 
Theinert, even though many consul 
Theinert to be one of the oldest 
buildings on campus. Theinert Ha 
original name was South Hall, and j 
was the third dormitory at the tinw 
Motorcycles and scooters werJ^ 
prohibited from campus, and stuJ 
dents had to follow a code of condud I 
on and off campus. Students tool 
classes in Personal Grooming, Poim 
and dress. The dormitories were a] I 
directed by single women. 


Carr Hall was built. 



Faculty, Staff 


Cognizant of the speed with which 

our world is evolving, Bay Path's 

faculty and staff are committed to 

prepare students for intellectual, 

social, and economic challenges of 

the new century. With dedication 

and affection, this community of 

mentors promotes an environment 

with a balanced blend of comfort 

and rigor necessary to foster student 

excellence. Their belief in the 

College's mission to develop students' 

leadership and communication, and 

technological skills further speaks to 

their conviction to provide students 

with the tools required for success in 

the coming millennium. Far more 

than the employees, faculty and 

staff are an integral part of campus 

life and student achievements. 

Professor Virginia Freed 



Eleanor Gay 

Assistant to the President 

Caron Hobin 

Vice President of Planning and 
Student Development 

Vana N. Nespor 

Dean of Enrollment Services 

Dr. William Sipple 

Provost and Vice President for 
Academic Affairs 

Michael O'Hara 

Vice President for Institutional 

Marcia Conrad 

Dean of Students 

Rachel St. Onge-Boisseau 

Vice President for Finance and 
Administrative Services 

Dr. Shirley Johnson 

Associate Vice President of Academic 


Sally Schirmer-Smith 

Asst. Dean of Student Life I Activities 


Dr. William Macanka 

Chair- Liberal Studies Assoc. 
Professor Science/Math 

Attorney Joan Spadoni 

Chair- Legal Studies Professor Legal 

Dr. Joan Inzinga 

Chair- Business & Information 
Technology Assoc. Professor Business 

Dr. Carol Winters-Smith 

Chair-Psychology Professor Psychology 

Dr. Victor Milani 

Chair- Criminal Justice Professor 
Criminal Justice/Science 

Estelle Leavitt 

Chair- Education Assoc. Professor 

Dr. Karen Sladyk 

Chair- Occupational Therapy 

Lynda Bishop 

Asst. Chair OT, Director OTA, Asst. 
Professor OT 



Charles Bertolino 


Alexandra Burns 

Asst. Prof. Interior 

Dr. Kenneth 

Asst. Prof. Business 

Atty. Anne 

Assoc. Prof. Legal Studies 

Bettina Dold 

Asst. Prof. Information 
Technology /Business 

Virginia Freed 

Assoc. Prof. English 

Brenda Hardin 

Dir. A.D.C. Asst. Prof. 

Dr. John C. Jarvis 

Assoc. Prof. English/ 

Dr. Cheryl Leary 

Assoc. Prof. Psychology 

Christopher Leary 

Instructor Psychology, 
College Counselor 


^| ■ev * T$ 


1 / 



Dr. Elenore Long 

Assoc. Prof. English/ 

Carol Berry 

Instructor Occupational 

Arlene Eisenman- 

Assf. Professor 

Information Technology 

& Business 

Dyanne Mascia- 

Instructor Occupational 

Marilyn Micka- 

Asst. Prof. OT 

Paul Norton 

Assoc. Prof. Theatre/ 

Dr. Cathryn G. Riggs Andrea Russo 

Assf. Prof. Education Assoc. Prof. Travel /Business/ 

Computer Applicatiom 

Gina Semprebon 

Assf. Prof. Science 

Brenda Smaga 

Assf. Prof. OT, OT 

Academic Fieldivork 


Dr. Robert Weir 

Assoc. Prof. History 



Assf. Prof. Psychology/ 

Foundations for College 

Academic Counselor 



Margaret Anderson 

Director, of Health 

Phyllis Brand 

Financial Aid Asst. 

Layne Breton 

Asst. Bookstore Manager 

Patricia Brunelle 

Administrative Asst. OT 

Janice Calcidise 

CE Office Manager/ Enrollment 
Services Event Coordinator 

jpi -I 



Kenneth Collamore 

Director of Campus 
Public Safety 

Angela Derouin 

Director of Career 

Christine DiCola 

Data Mgmt. Gift 
Processing Asst. 

Carol Dunlop 

Director of Continuing 

Sharon Feen 

Administrative Support 

James Gallo 

Asst. Director of 
Academic Systems 

Laurie Gelzinis 

Administrative Asst. to 
the Registrar 

Joanne Guernsey 

Director of Publications 
and Advertising 

Joan Haluch Jacqueline Johnson 

Office Services Manager Preschool Director 

Barbara McMahon Patricia McMonagle Massimina Megliola 

Bookstore Manager Director of Development, Purchasing Director 

Major Gifts 

Jane Moriarty 

Receptionist Operator 

Nancy Murphy 

Administrative Asst. to 
Dean of Students 



Maureen Naglieri Joanne Ollson Robyn Rawson 

Administrative Asst. Human Resource Marketing/ Comm. Asst. 

Facilities & Campus Services Administrator 

Linda Simonds Susan Sliwa 

Asst. Director of Administrative Asst.- 

Administrative Systems Provost /Academic Affairs 

Steven Smith 

Athletic Director 

Paul Stanton 

Director Facilities & 
Campus Services 

Linda Steinman 

Asst. Director of 
Continuing Education 

Nancy Stenberg 

Alumnae Relations/ 
Development Officer 

Pamela Toma 

Director Alumnae 
Relations & Annual Fund 


Gail Wilkinson 

Systems Specialist 

Maria Britton 

Data Entry Clerk- 
Enrollment Services 

Lynn George 

Continuing Education 

Denise Lawrie 

Financial Aid Asst. 

Stacie Wolmer 

Asst. Technician 

Bernadette Carberry 

Asst. to VP of Planning 
& Student Development 

Ann Guttman 

Events Coordinator 

Eric Willcox 

Project Manager ITS 


Director of Communications 

Deloris Ennis 

Asst. to the 
President's Office 

Donna Guertin 




Vana Nespor, Linda 

Steinman, Janice 

Calcidise, Carol Dunlop, 

Lynn George 

Brenda Wishart 

Director of Admissions 
and Enrollment Services 

Stephanie King 

Director of Financial Aid 

Business Office 

Second Row left to right: Patricia Lavigne, 
~)onna Guertin, Karen Mihakhick. First Row 
| left to right: Mary Dolce, Linda Bellame, 
Jonathan Tudryn. 


Standing Left to Right: Stacey Sevivas, Sarah 

Klein, Karen Daigneault , Rachel Dixon, Jaye 

Tern, Melissa Galzynski. Sitting left to right: 

Dean Vana Nespor, Brenda Wishart. 

m i 

IHQ|lllfl*?* 1!!1 

ikflfk" 11 


O \ > 


4*» ; |l 

1 9 ■ 

^ i H^^i rJL ' jKf "-^m \ 



Standing left to right: Kathleen Staron, Jay 

Schafer, Sharon Bellenoit. Sitting left to right: 

Diane McDonald, Maureen Horak, Linda 


Wood Food Service 

Plant Operations Staff 

Housekeeping Staff 

Part-Time Faculty 

Ms. Debbie Bellucci 

Mrs Kristina Bendikas 

Dr. Bernard Bettinelli 

Ms. Patricia Booth 

Dr. Walter Breau 

Ms. Ruth Caney 

Mr. Mitchell Charkiewicz 

Ms. Liana Ciaglo 

Dr. Mark Clinton 

Mr. Jack W. Coleman 

Dr. Terrence E. Coyne 

Atty. Erica Cushna 

Ms. Andrea Daley 

Ms. Nancy Delson 

Ms. MaryLouise DiGiacomo 

Mr. Todd Ditmar 

Atty. Charles E. Dolan 

Ms. Patricia O'Neill Egan 

Dr. Donalyn Gross 

Zahi Haddad 

Ms. Kimberly Hartman 

Ms. Deborah Hatzipetro 

Ms. Lynne M. Hauser 

Dr. Kathleen Imbruno, SSJ 

Ms. Mary Kaselouskas 

Mr. Robert Keough 

Dr. John Lambdin 

The Honorable Jacques C. Leroy 

Ms. Ellen Manning 

Ms. Jean F. Maziarz 

Atty. Colbe C. Mazzrella 

Thomas J. Jr. McGee 

Mr. Douglas Mellis 

Ms. Deborah O'Leary 

Mr. Charles Page 

Dr. Ellen-Rose Savulis 

Ms Carrie L. Schlosser 

Dr. John Shea 

Ms. Linda Smith 

Ms. Brenda Garton Sjoberg 

Mr. Robert E. Surbrug 

Ms. Karen A. Tallman 

Atty Ariane Vuono 

Mr. James Wilkinson 

Atty. Gregory H. Williams 

Dr. James Williamson 

Dr. Rev. Eugene Wratchford 

Ms. Kathleen Wright 

Ms. Irene Piegza 

Ms. Edith Roberts 

Ms. Judith Robinson 


1 970 - 1 980 


Dr. Randle Elliot 

replaces former 

President Douglas D. 

Perkins in 1971. 


Students were 

prohibited from 

having motorcycles 

and scooters on 



Students were required 

to wear dress or skirts 

to special birthday 

meals and evening 



The last Class day 
Queen and Court 
crowned in 1970. 


;&v ~"~ 

- i^/#? ■ Ik -,. 

tmmisnai «w!i»s»na cusskw wants numti *«isii 


Resident student's 

could not keep cars 

on campus. 


It's a Matter] 

of Time 

"In the interim between begim 
ning and present diverse arujH 
startling changes have bat- 1 
tered and transformed our J 
world: The resignation of a 1 
President and Vice President 
the "energy crisis", and rising 
cost of living have all servecB 
to arouse people from the dull 
stupor of Political ignorance! 
and non participation." 


Bay Path takes pride in the large 
number of clubs and organiza- 
tions throughout campus. 
Among these groups are Student 
Government, Athletics, and the 
Diversity Club. All students are 
encouraged to join any club on 

campus. Each club and 
organization enrich Bay Path 
College through host guest 
speakers, volunteering through- 
out the Pioneer Valley or 
assisting in the production of a 
BPC event. At Bay Path 
College we enjoy watching 
young members 
become tomorrow's 

Courtney Whalen 
Student Government President 



Student Government 

Left to Right: Rebecca Stebbins, Karen Vigliani 
Vice President; Courtney Whalen, Presides 
Amanda Gosselin, Treasurer; Sara Pleva Seen 


Student Government 

Standing Left to Right: Irianty Sandy, Meagan 
Itannitelli, Yasmin Correa, Cindy Mercer, Jes- 
sica Montemagni, Shalynn Hunt, Lika Dvali, 
Kathy Hoskins, Amy O'Brien, Marie Cifelli, 
Nadine Thomas, Toni Jacobs, Yasmine Antoine, 
Tameika Hill, Rebecca Stebbins Second Row 
Left to Right: Aimee Racine, Edith Misomali, 
Nicole Jimenez, Courtney Whalen, Karen 
Vigliano, Amanda Gosselin, Sara Pleva, Emily 
Hinckley First Row Left to Right: Rebecca 
Noujaim, Nicki Krajewski, Jennifer Kubala, 
Robin Clark, Amy Erickson 



Standing Left to Right: Yasmine Antoine, Kan; 
Vigliano, Colleen Donovan, Amy Erickso, 
Susandra Pasaribu, Dujlada Sukontasap, Melis 
Galczynski Seated: Left to Right: Lika Dva ( 
Kathy Hoskins, Kerri Boisvert, Jessica Phali | 
Melissa Sokolik, Meagan Hudak 



Standing: Crystal Pare, Valerie Milani, Kerry 
Hutchinson, Mr. Smith, Robin Clark, Amy 
Erickson, Nicki Krajewski, Shalynn Hun t Seated : 
[odi Burns, Jessica Montemagni, Nicole LaBonte, 

Fmilie Pessagno 


Astronomy Club 

Standing Left to Right: Meagan Dowd, Michele 
O'Toole, Lisa Reveruzzi, Lynn Tillotson Seated 
Left to Right: Kathy Hoskins, Ms. Semprebon, 
Kristen Gondek 


Nurd Row Left to Right: Mr. Page, Nancy 
juerrera, Nadja Andrasev, Leslie Juntunen, 

itika Ganti, Keirnan Cone, Nicki Krajewski 

Second Row Left to Right: Natasha Ali, Melissa 

Baj, Joane Tan, Abby Figueroa, Toni Jacobs, 

u Chantanathas, Sara Larson, Lisa Reveruzzi 

»t Row Left to Right: Kelly Quinn, Keli 
-hapman, Raindrop Sukontasap, Corine 
Sinclair, Eriko Sato, Tanya Swaby, Irianty Sandy 



Association of 
Continuing Education] 

Back Row Left to Right: Linda Steinman, Chr 
tine Dufresne, Kathy Wiezbicki-Stevens, Michi 
O'Toole, Lynn George, Janice Cancidise,Calcidi 
White, Diane Fecinta, Nancy Leete Front R( 
Left to Right: Jenny Waller, Elaine Jones, Cai 
Dunlop, Caron Hobin 


Computer Club 

Back Row Left to Right: Chizuru Inoue, Latika 
Ganti, Iriene Sunyoto, Megan Iannitelli, Irianty 
Sandy, Dujlada Sukontasap, Marie Guiffredo, 
Susandra Pasaribu, Aryu Sunyoto, Ritha 
Simanjuntak Front Row left to Right: Dr. Cal- 
low, Aimee Racine, Dr. Palka 


Commuter Connectioi 

Back Row: Christine Ford, Kelly Galarnea 
Denise Irla, Front Row: Lisa Twarog. Jennit 
Kubala, Meghan O'Connor 



Left to Right: Melissa Fager, Amy Erickson, 
Carie Munterich, Middle: Crystal Small 

Early Childhood 


Standing Left to Right: Jennifer Wright, Vanessa 
Plantz, Lynn Tillotson, Michele O'Toole, Kristen 
Gondek, Lisa Reveruzzi, Natasha Ali Seated 
Left to Right: Meghan Dowd, Aimee Dupuis, 
Amy O'Brien 

Dance Company 

Standing Left to Right: Oil Sripa, Beau 

Chantanathas, Eriko Sato, Maria Medina, Megan 

Connors, Tina Tentoni Front Row Left to Right: 

Sokolik, Chizuru Inoue, Jessica Phalin, 

' iaglo 


Golden Z 

Third Row Left to Right: Jamie McAllister, El 
Evans, Rachel Legenbauer, Becky Palms 
Shalynn Hunt, Nicki Krajewski, Cindy Men 
Alison Klojzy, Emily Hinckley Second Row I 
to Right: Rebecca Noujaim, Sara Pleva, Micln 
Abert, Christine Auld, Natalie Winans, I 
Twarog, Tamara Kelcey, Sara Larson, Mo; 
Iannitelli, Amanda Fray, Nellie Lozano Fi 
Row Left to Right: Joanne Tan, Cheryl Llovii 
Karen Vigliano, Melissa Sokolik, Megan Hm 
Seated: Kerri Boisvert, Amanda Degree, M, 



Eriko Sato, Abby Figueroa, Dujlada Sukontasap, 
Keli Chapman, Mr. Page, Maria Medina, Kiernan 
Cone, Nadja Andrasev, Jessica Osowski, Col- 
leen Donovan, Melissa Dupont, Lisa Reveruzzi, 
Nicki Krajewski 


Law Club 

Standing Left to Right: Christine Ford, Ci ; I 
Mercer, Cheryl Lloveras, Seated Left to Ri 
Leila Weiner, Atty Dobmeyer, Lisa Emerso 





Standing Left to Right: Soen Chhouk, Megan 
Iannitelli, Joanne Tan, Edith Misomali, Natasha 
Ali Seated Left to Right: Cindy Mercer, Latika 
Ganti, Emily Hinckley 


Maroon Key 

Jessica Phalin, Allison Zotter, Melissa Sokolik, 
Cheryl Lloveras, Carie Munterich, Emilie 
Pessagno, Elizabeth Cyrankowski, Katherine 
Marcinkowski, Amy Mahan, Jennifer Kubala, 
Courtney Whalen, Yasmine Antoine, Natasha 
Ali, Lea Johnson, Lisa Twarog, Winifred 
Stenquist, Andrea Fontaine, Janna Hankie, Robin 
Clark, Amber Fosty, Jessica Montemagni, 
Susandra Pasaribu, Edith Misomali, Joanne Tan, 
Holly Sweeney, Christine Ford, Michelle Scaf uri, 
Tabitha Dudek,Leslie Juntunen, Wendy 
Perreault, Dr. Shirley Johnson 

Stand ing Left to Right: Nancy Guerrera, Rebecca 
Noujaim, Latika Ganti, Edith Misomali, Leslie 
luntunen, Corine Sinclair, Lisa Twarog, Ritha 
Simanjuntak, Seated Left to Right: Sandra Tay- 
lor, Michelle Crochetiere, Dr. Palka, Dr. Callow, 
Barbara Hallock, Kerri Boisvert, Susandra 



Standing Left to Right: Jessica Phalin, Joanm'i"! 
Tan, Kathy Hoskins, Sandra Taylor, Kristin f 
Gondek, Robin Clark, Jessica Montemagni, i 1 
Karen Vigliano Seated Left to Right: Sarah f 
Goddard, Jennifer Kubala, President Leary, Lib 
Dvali, Christine Ford 


Student Activities 

Standing Lett to Right: Lisa Reveruzzi, Meghan 
Dowd, Laura Guyette, Cindy Mercer Seated: 
Arin Langan, Kathy Hoskins 



Standing Left to Right: Stephanie Kilian, Miche j 
O' Toole, Toni Jacobs, Elizabeth Decelles Sea tei 
Andrea Fontaine, Emilie Pessagno 


Standing Left to Right: Eriko Sato, Rebecca 
Moujaim, Irianty Sandy, Nancy Guerrera Seated 
Left to Right: Bridget McMahon, Ms. Russo, 
'4 Robin Clark 

Travel Club 


Women Of Culture 

Standing Left to Right: Akiko Nishimura, Eriko 
Sato, Irianty Sandy, Toni Jacobs, Lalida 
Chantanathas, Tameika Hill, Suthawadee Sripa, 
Tanya Swaby, Natasha Ali, Ritha Simanjuntak, 
Latika Ganti Seated: Dujlada Sukontasap, 
Susandra Pasaribu, Mr. Christopher Leary, Dr. 
Cheryl Leary, Lika Dvali 

Freshmen Class Committee 

Seated Left to Right: Emily Hinckley, Cindy 
Mercer, Marie Cifelli, Brina Fondi, Standing: 
Ms. Angela Derouin 



Sophomore Class 

Left to Right: Meghan Dowd & Lisa Twarog 


Senior Class 

Standing Left to Right: Kathy Hoskins, Yasmine 
Antoine, Lika Dvali Seated Robin Clark, Dr. 

Bollum Hall ra's 

& RD's 

Standing Left to Right: Sara Pleva, 
Correa, Nicole Jimenez Seated: RD Mr. Dal 
Lucy-Allen, RD Mrs. Andrea Lucy-Allen 



Standing: RD's Mr. Stephen Landry, Mrs. Laurie 
Landry Seated: Jessica Montemagni, Lynn 


Wright Hall RA's 

Standing Left to Right: Natasha Ali, Nadine 
Thomas. Lika Dvali, Amy Erickson Seated Left 
to Right: Tameika Hill, Yasmine Antoine, Robin 


1 980 - 1 990 



The Student Council is 

changed to Student 

Government which 

allows the entire campus 

to participate. 

Catok Art Center, 
Brookside Hall, and 
Glen Hall are built. 

it's a Matter 
of Time 

The decade between 1980 and 1990 
were not extremely eventful for Bay 
Path College. However, in true Bay 
Path tradition, the college continued 
to educate wonderful young women 
then present them to the world. 
Bay Path remained a home 
away from home for all its residents. 

Between the faculty and 

students, they all prepared for what 

the future held as the 1990's, 

the "decade of the woman" 

was fast approaching. 



Bay Path offers dance 
classes, and begins 
the organization of 
Bay Path Dancers. 



The unofficial rule for 
girls with male guests 
becomes three feet on 

the floor, leave the 

door open, and leave 

the light on. 

% 1 

i * 




Bay Path College athletics draws 
the interest of over 50 student- 
athletes each year. These dedicated 
athletes and their coaches look 
forward to the 21st century with 

much anticipation. 
The college has entered into its 
second year of provisional NCAA 
Division III membership. Success 
on the fields and the courts is not 
measured in wins and losses but in 
the spirit, determination, dedica- 
tion, respect, opportunities and 
excitement each participant gener- 
ates from their playing experience. 
The teams play in the North Atlan- 
tic Conference which includes: 
Elms, Becker, Mt. Ida, Lasell, 
Lesley, Wheelock Colleges and 
Maine Maritime Academy. This 
group brings together colleges 
with the same basic needs for 
student-athletes as Bay Path Col- 
lege. This conference insures 
competitive games and matches 
and makes the playing experience 
enjoyable for all athletes and 

Steven Smith 
Athletic Director 


Bay Path/Be cil 

Scliool Connect with 

Girls' Clinics 

The athletes at Bay Path 
College held free sports 
clinics for the girls in 
grades 1 through 5 
throughout the academic 
year. Clinics in Soccer, 
Volleyball Softball and 
Basketball gave over 100 
girls the opportunity to 
learn, enjoy and have fun 
while attending these 

Members of the teams 
and athletic council also 
volunteered their time at 
events such as: Hall of 
Fame Enshrinement, 
Civic Center activities, 
and other community 

Womens' and Girls' 
Sports Day was held in 
April of 2000. 

Sports Day 

Record Setters 

Bay Path College's 
Women's Soccer Team had 
its own highlights this past 
season. The team set a 
record of the most wins in a 
season, finished 3rd in the 
Wildcat Classic, and had a 
5th place finish in the North 
Atlantic Conference. Tri- 
Captains, Jessica 
Montemagni, Crystal Pare, 
and Andrea Fontaine 
contributed on and off the 
field to make the team 
successful. Individual 
honors included Jessica 
Montemagni and Heidi 
Pero making 1st Team All- 
Conference and members of 
the Wildcat Classic All- 
Tournament Team. Jessica 
ended her career as the all- 
time leading scorer. Heidi 
led the North Atlantic 
Conference in scoring. 
Crystal Pare was 2nd team 
All-Conference and an All- 
Tournament selection. 
Andrea Fontaine and Holly 
George received the 1999 
Bay Path College Soccer 
Award. The team was 
coached by NAC Coach of 
the Year, Todd Ditmar, and 
assisted by Carrie 

2999 Soccer Team 
Front Row: Kayla Philbrick 
(ball girl) 2nd Row: Stephanie 
Kilian, Holly George, Heather 
Szteliga, Andrea Fontaine, 
Crystal Pare, Jessica 
Montemagni, Kerry 
Veroecchia, Heidi Pero, 
Jaclynn Smegal Back Row: 
Elizabeth DeCelles, Jodi 
Burns, Jami McAllister, Marie 
Cifelli, Carrie Schlosser, Todd 
Ditmar, Kara Jorge, Amy 
Stanton Missing: Melissa 
Palmer, Amy Kingsbury 



Enthusiasm, Drive, 

& Dedication 

The second year of Cross 
Country at Bay Path College 
brought many new enthusias- 
tic athletes. With only two 
returning runners, the team 
faced the challenge of building 
endurance and speed early on 
in the season. What the team 
lacked in experience, they 
made up for with enthusiasm, 
drive and dedication. Return- 
ing runners Donna Siegert 
and Esther Wallace shared 
their seasoned knowledge of 
the sport, helping to make the 
newcomers feel at ease. 

The team competed and 
scored in four collegiate races. 
The North Atlantic Confer- 
ence Championships in 
Castine, Maine was the grand 
finale of the season. It proved 
to be a glorious weekend 
away, with runners Mirni 
Matsuda, Brina Fondi, and 
Megan Iannitelli scoring 
personal bests. Retaining our 
motto, "Lets have fun", the 
Cross-Country team com- 
pleted their second successful 

With the loss of only one 
senior, Donna Siegert, the 
team should have a great 
foundation for next year. 

1999 Cross-Country Team 

Front Row: Coach Jean 

Maziarz (with son Peter), 

Megan Iannitelli Mimi 

Matsuda Back Row: Laurie 

Landry, Donna Siegert, Brina 

Fondi, (Anna Maziarz), Esther 

Wallace, Connie Romero 

„{:"$ * 

HP 'V'* ; ' I ^^^^'^^ ST 

Cross Country 





The Foundation 
is Set 

The 1999 Wildcats had 
many accomplishments 
during the season. They 
ended up with 2 wins and 
17 losses, but those wins 
were the first ever for the 
program. The team 
competed this season as a 
club team and will be a 
varsity program in 2000. 
Captains, Nicki Krajewski 
and Karen Vigliano led a 
young team of newcom- 
ers. Contributing to the 
team effort were Tracy 
Williams, Irianty Sandy, 
Shalynn Hunt, Heather 
Hite, and Tanya Swaby. 
The team was coached by 
Andrea Daley. Tracy 
Williams received 1st 
team North Atlantic 
Conference Honors, while 
Nicki Krajewski gained 
Honorable Mention. 

1999 Volleyball Team 
Front Row: Karen Vigliano 
(Captain), Nicki Krajewski 
(Captain), Irianty Sandy, 
Tanya Swaby 2nd Row: 
Shalynn Hunt, Heather Hite, 
Tracy Williams Back Row: 
Coach Andrea Daley 



A Challenging Year 

1999-2000 proved to be a 

challenging war for the 
Wildcats. The team had 12 
members who worked to get 
better as a team. Even 
though their record did not 
indicate it, they had a good 
season. Many new faces 
helped the returning players 
play hard. Melissa Palmer 
scored her 1,000th career 
point and became the all- 
time leading scorer. Junior 
Sarah Palanjian was voted to 
the North Atlantic 
Conference's 2nd team. She 
led the Wildcats in scoring 
and rebounding. The team 
is looking forward to next 
season and should return 
key players. 

lffMfff''t-" T " T ' rr -' : 

1999 Basketball Team 

Front Row: Liz Kopec, Melissa 

Palmer, Amy O'Brien, Amy 

Erickson. 2nd Row: Sarah 

Palanjian, Heidi Pero, Gwen 

Gonyea, Brandi Lefler, Jaclyn 

Smegal. 3rd Row: Emily 

Hinckley, Cindy Mercer, 

Amanda Fray, Marie Cifelli, 

Danielle Becker. 4th Row: 

Shalynn Hunt, Dusty Hoyt 

(Assistant Coach), Steve Smith 

(Head Coach) 


For the Love of 
the Game 

The 1999 Bay Path 
College Womens Softball 
team finished the season 
with a record of 3-13. 
Team honors went to the 
following players: Mel- 
issa Palmer (MVP) and 
Stephanie Kilian (MIP). 

The Wildcats finished 
4th in the North Atlantic 
Womens Conference and 
lost in the semifinals to 
Wheelock College. The 
team played on the new 
Farmiea Road Fields for 
the first time in 1999. The 
team was led by captains 
Kristy LaClair, Melissa 
Palmer, and Amy 



1999 Softball Team 
Front Row: Meagan Connors, 
Valerie Milani, Stephanie 
Kilian, Kerri Hutchinson, 
Nicole Cusumano Back Row: 
Jessica Ennis, Melissa Palmer, 
Todd Ditmar (Assistant 
Coach), Heather Hite, Steve 
Smith (Head Coach), Jessica 
Montemagni, Kristy "Zinger" 
LaClair, Amy Erickson Miss- 
ing: Robin Clark 


1 990 - 2000 



President Leary came 
to Bay Path in 1994. 


In 1998 Margaret 

Thatcher came to 

speak at Bay Path 


The first 


Therapy Class will 

graduate in 2000. 

Bay Path's first 

Bachelor's Degrees 

were awarded in 



It's a Matter 
of Time 

When President Carol Leary came to 

Bay Path she and her husband Noel 

began many wonderful traditions 

here. Bay Path College women are 

noticed for their maturity, and grao 

as they participate in functions such 

as the Bright Nights Ball, and the 

annual Basketball Hall of Fame 

Inductions. Male visitation in the 

dorms increases from one night a 

month to every night of the week; 

however, no overnight guests as of 

yet. Bay Path remains a steadfast dry 

campus, and a safe, peaceful home to 

its residents. 

In 1999 construction 
began for the new 
student commons. 



The 1999-2000 year was celebrated with 
a mix of new and classic Bay Path 
events. Under the watchful eye of 
Longmeadow fire fighters, the year 
began with the roar of Bay Path's first 
bonfire, and a live band playing at the 
fields on South Campus. The annual 
Campus Wt day of classes, soon fol- 
lowed with approximately 100 brave 
revelers. The Activity's Board and the 
newly formed Commuter Connection 
Club sponsored the popular regional 
band of Orange Crush, on campus to 
everyone's delight. Some traditional 
Bay Path events were enjoyed by all, 
such as the Father /Daughter Banquet, 
Campus Day, Family & Friends Week- 
end, and a Fabulous Millennium Winter 
Gala at the Marriott Hotel. Highlights 
of the Cultural and International Travel 
Series included a trip to Broadway to 
see the Lion King, and Saturday Night 
Fever, a stunning visit to the John 
Singer Sargent exhibit at the Boston 
Museum of Fine Arts, and the annual 
Capitals of the World trip to Madrid. 
The year culminated with our first ever 
Senior Week jam-packed with campus 
parties, trip and a dinner cruise. 

Car on Hob in 

Vice President, Planning and Student 






i HP mBJ 


Beyond the Wall... 

Leadership Training 

to September 1, 1999, students arrived on campus for the annual leadership training. The 
I extfew days brought together many people that would normally never interact with one 
mother. From the all - day seminar in Breck Suite where we had many guest speakers to 
the day at camp Weber, we had a great time learning the value of leadership. We were 
taught many important skills necessary to guide the students of Bay Path into the next 
mtury. We will never forget most of all, the Camp Weber experience which left many of 
s tired and very sore, but the triumph of making it over the wall will live with us forever. 

Cindy Mercer 

Startin g from Scratch^ 

'%, .. * 



Big Sister/ Little Sister 

Making New Friendships.. 


.■•*" ■ " ; r„_ »..■ 

Ffl/Z Campus Day 


fla/ny Day Fun... 



^m ^ JGi 

Hi Ba ~ 

" a < 

1 5^= *■* 

■ '6L 


Daddy's Little Girl... 

Father/Daughter Banquet 

Bay Path's annual Father/Daughter Banquet has a change in tradition this year, the 
evening is now open to the entire Bay Path population rather than only the Sophomores 

and Seniors. The evening was very well attended by students, fathers, men of special 
significance, and the faculty as well. Wood Food Services provided everyone with a vari- 
ety of dishes. The highlight of the evening began once the meal was over, and as the DJ 
started playing a wide range of hits from old to new, country to rock. Needless to say the 

dancefloor never experienced a dull moment. From the photographs to the flowers the 
memories will last a lifetime. From the first person to the last a fun time was had by all. 

Katherine Hoskins 

Fall Family Days... 

Family & Friends Weekend 

At this year's Family & Friends Weekend, the theme was Carnival. The clubs and organi- 
zations had booths set up with games, candy, raffles, and all sorts of fun things, in order 
to raise money for their respective clubs. The Bay Parents helped put on a BBQ, the Bay 
PatJi soccer team ivas given extra support and spirit as a surprise mascot showed up at 
the game. After the game the dinner and dance took place in Blake Dining Hall, the theme 
was Halloween. Tlie students, family and faculty got together in their costumes and 

danced the night away. 
Arin Langan 




(1st: Cleaning Lady: Aimee Dupuis 
Mack Sennet: Brad Shepard 
Lottie Ames: Maria Medina 
Frank: Tim Kucab 
Fatty Arbuckle: Mark Mickey 

Freddie: Ramon Gonzalez 

Mabel Normand: Kiernan Cone 

Ella: Jessica Osowski 

Kleinman: James Wolf 

Fox: Walt Komorowski 

William Desmond: James Wolf 

Ensemble: Nadja Andrasev, Kerri Boisvert, Melissa Dupont, Aimee Dupuis, Ramon 

Gonzalez, Nicki Krajewski, Sara Larson, Donna Siegert, Karen Senk. 

Time: 1911-1932 
Place: NYC and Hollywood 

Fall Play 

Mack & Mabel. 


Season's Greetings at 

An Evening Under the Stars.. 

The Winter Gala 


A Funny Thing Happened On Th e 

way 10 me horurri... 

Spring Play 

Cast: Pseudolus: Dan Derby, Senex: Mark Mickey, Domina: Jessica Osowski, Hero: tim 

Kucab, Hysterium: Christopher Pitts, Err onius: James Wolf, Miles Glorious: Ramon 
Gonzalez, Marca Lyca: Maria Medina, Tintinabula: Susan Choronzy, Panaceae: Christine 

Ford and Sara Larson, Tlie Geminae: Aimee Dupuis and Karen Senk, Vibrata:Nicki 

Krajewski, Gymnasia: Nadja Andrasev, Philia: Kiernan Cone, The Proteans: Peter Della- 

Luna, Jason Friedberg, Brenda Graveline, Patrick Magowan, and Donna Siegert. 

Time: loo Hundred years before the Christian Era, a day in Spring. 

Place: A street in Rome in front of the houses of Erronius, Senex, and Lyca. 



■ ^^*K^?^j 

The New Building 

Bay P ath's Construction 



Quotable Quotes from the Bay Path College Community 

I "Where do you think Bay Path College will be in ten 
I years?" 

President Carol Learv : "10 years from now Bay Path will be one of the best known 

women 's colleges in the country offering at least 5 or 6 Masters Degrees and 1 or 2 
Doctorate Degrees in addition to their premier undergraduate degrees. We will have 
graduates at the top of their prof essions, with CEO's and owners of America's Leading 
Companies and Health Care Organizations, several members of Congress, founders of 
the cutting edge technical firms, and in general women who are making significant 
contributions in all fields to make our world a better place in which to live. We will 
continue to attract women to Bay Path who are willing to work hard, have incredible 
potential to succeed, and who want to make a difference in society and in their 
communities. Most of all our students will be just as kind, considerate, fun loving, 
focused, and active as they are today. " 

Measan Connors, Class of 2001 : "I think that Bay Path College will continue to 
be a leader in higher learning; however I do think that at some point Bay Path may 
turn into a co-ed institution, producing well educated young men and women. " 

Dr. Victor Milanu Criminal Justice : "Bay Path College is setting the standard 
for the 21 st Century. " 

Anonymous: "Bay Path College will continue in its endeavors to take young girls 
and turn them into beautiful, educated, successful, and confident young women." 

Dr. & Mrs. DiGiacomo, Board of Trustees: "Bay Path College will be one of 
the foremost leaders in women 9 s education endowed with an unsurpassed flexibility to 
achieve success. " 

Joanne Guernsey. Communications & College Relations: "Bay Path College 
is a survivor and has evolved over the years to meet the changing educational Bachelor 
and Master Degree programs. Still a woman 's college and proud of it, and gaining 
wider attention and recognition throughout the country each year. " 



This page is set aside for your special memories of 2000. In 
the years to come, you will be able to look back on some of 
the most precious memories you've shared with your 


Favorite Saying 



Special Someone 


Pet Peeve 

Most Interesting Situation 

Clubs & Activities 

Graduation Day 


Future Goals 

Remember When 


" ■' i*s , 




The Legend Of The Cap Arit^rown 

Long ago in ancient Greece, when formal education 
was for the very rich or the very determined, a wise old 
teacher was approached by a group of noblemen. "Our 
sons have completed their studies and it is time for them 
to go to their homes and live in the style befitting their 
station. On the morrow, we will hold a great banquet in 
their honor and expect them to be dressed in their finest 

The old man smilingly answered, "They will be there" ,«#' j 
and he added, "appropriately dressed." *%^ 'J& 

^gfcjhe following day, the banquet hall was filled witfMp 
royalty and nobility dressed in dazzling jewels and costly / 
finery. Then came the great moment when the students:* 
entered wi£h : their beloved teacher. A startled cfy arosefg 
from the crowd, for here were their young children 
dressed3iQt in the garments of the noble* jBut in simple 
sackcloth robes, each Carrying a mortar board,, - the mark 
of a common workman. ^SSst-, >iM^ 1 ' TXtMi 

Let me explain, spoke the teacher as he raised hisk]j||f| 
hands for silence. "Your sons are Pressed in the clothing}) if 

Ml % 

of the mason, for their destiny is to build. Some will 
build cities, some will build life, - perhaps one of theni|!j J\ 
may even build an empire. But all will be builders on '&$£ I 
solid foundation of knowledge." 

And thus, over the years, the cap and gown have 
become a traditional part of graduation, symbolizing the [|j M 
fact that our young men and women are builders ■■ oi](j 

their own future - and the future of the world. 

VI".' 1 h : 

Author Unknown ) 



Nadja Andrasev- 45 
Yasmine Antoine- 12 
Amanda Bailey- 12 
Melissa Baj- 45 
Jessica Barone- 13 
Carolyn Botti- 13 
Tammy Bowers- 45 
Christina Brunaccioni- 45 
Mary Budrow- 49 
Wendy Chadwick- 49 
Keli Chapman- 14 
Rosemary Chiarizio- 49 
Robin Clark- 14 
Lynn Coalson- 15 
Kiernan Cone- 46 
Shannon Cooley- 15 
Suzanne Crocker- 16 
Nicole Cusumano- 16 
Elizabeth Cyrankowski- 17 
Jodi DeForge-49 
Christin Deremian- 17 
Donna Dolina- 49 
Shelby Driscol!- 18 
Audrey Drohan- 18 
Tabitha Dudek- 19 
Lika Dvali- 19 
Amy Erickson- 20 
Diane Fecinta- 49 
Christine Ford- 49 
Lisa Foresti- 20 
Amber Fosty- 21 

Kelly Galarneau- 21 
Louisa Gandihi- 49 
Amanda Giroux- 22 
Kristen Gondek- 22 
Amanda Gosselin- 23 
Elizabeth Gray- 23 
Janna Hankie- 24 
Tarena Hines- 49 
Katherine Hoskins- 24 
Frances Hutchinson- 49 
Amy Jeglinski- 25 
Petrina Johnson- 25 
Lakesha Jordan- 46 
Makebah Kelly- 26 
Melissa Knorr- 26 
Carrie Kraftchick- 26 
Jennifer Kratovii- 49 
Jennifer Kubala- 27 
Raquei Labrie- 28 
i\iCOte i_<at>Ofiie- 28 
Cheryl LeMieux-46 
Lynn Lombard- 2S 

Amy Long- 49 
Andrea Luis- 49 
Natasha Madore- 29 
Amy Mahan- 47 
Katherine Marcinkowski- 30 
Jamie Martell- 49 
Jamie Miller- 47 
Kimberly Mirer- 30 
Theresa Mitchell- 47 
Jessica Montemagni- 31 
Heather Moran- 31 
Carie Munterich- 31 
Erin Murphy- 49 
Ransolina Nicholson- 32 
Michelle Norris- 33 
Tressa Oliver- 33 
Jessica Osowski- 34 
Melissa Palmer- 47 
Wendy Perreault- 34 
Lisa Phillips- 35 
Karen Pollack- 35 
Kelly Quinn- 36 
Melissa Regini- 49 
Pamela Rickabaugh- 36 
Debra Rubba- 48 
Crisla Rulewicz- 37 
Constance Salomone- 49 
Michelle Scafuri- 37 
Chariene Schultz- 48 
Rhonda Setkewich- 48 
Leila Wilder Shlosser- 38 
Ginger Silva- 38 
Stephanie Silva- 48 
Frania Simchak- 39 
Lisa Simon- 49 
Crystal Small- 39 
Katy Stevenson- 40 
Shanna Supczak- 40 
Holly Sweeney- 41 
Heather Szteliga- 41 
Joanne Tan- 42 
Kristin Tiemey- 43 
Lynn Tillotson-43 
Jennifer Tilsh-Nardi- 50 
Cathleen Tlrnms- 50 
Maribeth Wansick- 44 
Courtney Whalen- 44 


Natasha AH- 54 
Pamela Aspinaii- o3 
Helen Au- 63 
Arasehz Ayala- 63 

Lisa Barber- 63 
Letia Beverly- 61 
Aimee Dupuis- 54 
Doreen Durocher- 63 
Jessica Ennis- 61 
Sheila Estell- 55 
Stacy Evans- 61 
Sara Farr- 61 
Erica Fitzgibbins- 61 
Linda Forni- 63 
Teresa Gibson- 63 
Pauline Gladstone- 63 
Sylwia Gomolka- 63 
Katie Goyette- 63 
Brenda Graveline- 55 
Taunya Gray- 62 
Nancy Guerrera- 56 
Grethel Hoozky- 63 
Zelma Hughes- 63 
Jeannine Julien- 56 
Holly Keller- 63 
Holly Kriss- 62 
Megan Landry- 63 
Sara Larson- 57 
MaryBeth Lawless- 63 
Brandi Lefler- 63 
Susy Martins- 63 
Michelle McCloskey- 63 
Andrea McKay- 63 
Moriah Metras- 63 
Yuri Mihashi-63 
Valerie Miiani- 62 
Eleanor Miller- 62 
Dawn Modeen- 63 
Trisha Munshaw- 63 
Gaii Nadok- 63 
Rebecca Noujaim- 63 
Amy O'Brien- 57 
Kristy O'Brien- 58 
Michelle OToole- 63 
Crystal Pare- 63 
Osita Phillips- 63 
Carla Piccoli- 63 
Donna Robtoy- 63 
Sharon Ross- 63 
Star Saloomey-64 
Shannon Scalley- 58 
Corine Sinclair- 59 
Denise Siska-64 
Dawn Stoddard- 64 
Winifred Stenquist- 58 
Mary Jane Szemsla- 64 
Yukiko Takano- 64 
Deborah Templeton- 64 

Jamie Triompo- 64 
Lisa Twarog- 60 
Darlene Tyburski- 64 
Deborah Rickless-64 
Nancy Warren- 60 
Leila Weiner- 64 
Jennifer Unterstein-64 
Margery Zajac- 64 


>t*< u 

t : ■ . 



i .■ ' i ,